Jeremiah Wells puts debutant Blood Diamond to sleep at UFC 271, halts the hype that surrounds Israel Adesanya’s teammate

Jeremiah Wells submits Israel Adesanya's teammate Blood Diamond in the very first round and causes upset on his debut.

Blood Diamond Jeremiah Wells UFC 271
Blood Diamond gets submitted by Jeremiah Wells UFC 271

Jeremiah Wells did not buy into any of the hype around Blood Diamond at the UFC 271 prelims. The UFC debutant was shown no mercy as he gets put to sleep by Wells in the very first round.

The debut of Blood Diamond aka Mike Mathetha was received with great hype and anticipation given he is the teammate of Israel Adesanya from the City Kickboxing gym. Mike, who is only 3-1 in his MMA career was signed to the UFC and given an opportunity to shine in the same card as his teammate and friend Izzy.

However, things didn’t go according to plan as Wells decided to submit Mathetha at the end of the first round putting a halt to all the hype. Wells however did have a shaky start as he tripped over his own legs and fell down while circling the octagon. Diamond rushed in to punch him and even got the crowd hyped up.

Jeremiah Wells silences the crowd who chant for Blood Diamond

Israel Adesanya Blood Diamond
Israel Adesanya with his teammates Mike Mathetha and Carlos Ulberg

After Wells tripped on the floor and Diamond rushed in to punch, both the fighters clinched and decided to bring the fight to the mat. The entire Toyota Center Arena in Houston, Texas was rooting for Izzy’s teammate chanting, “Let’s go Diamond”. This did not seem to affect Wells at all as he immediately transitioned to the top and threw some great punches only to get a submission in the next attempt at the UFC 271 early prelims.

The matchmakers sure did not make things easy for the kickboxer as they matched him with a prolific wrestler. “Blood Diamond, he is unconventional. Given these things he was doing yesterday, I was like, I have never seen that before. Stay tuned. It is the first fight of the night and you don’t want to miss it,” said Adesanya on his teammate leading up to the fight.

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