“I’m primal in those moments,” Jeremy Stephens does not regret shoving Drakkar Klose at UFC Vegas 24 weigh-ins

UFC featherweight Jeremy Stephens looks back on the "shove" incident against Drakkar Klose at the UFC Vegas 24 face-offs.

Jeremy Stephens Drakkar Klose
Jeremy Stephens shoves Drakkar Klose at weigh-ins
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Jeremy Stephens reflects on his “shoving” incident at UFC Vegas 24 weigh-ins against Drakkar Klose. The featherweight fighter does not regret what he did on that stage.

Jeremy Stephens and Drakkar Klose were supposed to face each other at UFC on ESPN 22. While the two made weight an uneventful incident led to the cancellation of the fight. On April 16 in Las Vegas, both Stephens and Klose made weight and went ahead with the customary face-off. Things got intense as Stephens shoved Klose which led to a concussion for Drakkar leading to the cancellation of the fight.

Recently, Stephens appeared in an interview with MMA Junkie. In the interview, he spoke on the incident and shared his thoughts. “It was just an experience,” Stephens said. “I got paid a little bit of money just to go weigh in. I showed up, and he didn’t, you know? I never thought a push would go this far. I didn’t think he was going to act like that, respond like that and come at the UFC like that and make it a whole spectacle. From what I’ve heard, I feel like Dana (White) had my back, the company had my back.”

“It’s just an experience,” says Jeremy Stephens on the incident

Jeremy Stephens
Jeremy Stephens

Stephens believes that there was no stopping himself because he gets riles up during those moments. “I missed out on an opportunity to go in there, perform. At all levels, I can look at it transparently. I’m very totally cool with exactly what I did. I’m a fighter. I’m primal in those moments,” he said. Stephens also believes that Klose was the one who started to make things tensed between the two fighters.

“Do I wish I would’ve gone in there and highlighted him? I mean, what do you think I was going to do? I was going to f*cking try to concuss him on Saturday. I mean, you know how I get down. He didn’t show up, and that’s that. I got a call from the UFC, and we get another fight, move on. What can I say? It was just an experience,” the fighter ended.

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