“They’ll train the audience!” Joe Rogan exposes DARK secrets of late night shows featuring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and others

Podcaster Joe Rogan lashed out on Late night shows on being cringy and affecting comedy standards. Joe Rogan felt what they did diminished comedy.

“They’ll train the audience!” Joe Rogan exposes DARK secrets of late night shows featuring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and others

Joe Rogan takes a dab at Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel (Source: IMAGO)

UFC commentator and mixed martial arts enthusiast Joe Rogan is not a huge fan of Late-night comedic shows. Moreover, he does like the way they handle the comedy aspect. However, Rogan is a fan of old-school comedy. He started his career as a standup comic at age 21. Even now, he engages in comedic stints.

Even on his podcast, he maintains a lively environment, participating head-on in multiple antics with his guests. He, however, expressed his distaste for stage comedy and fake laughter. Speaking with Stephen Findeisen in episode #1951 of The Joe Rogan Experience, this is what he had to say:

There’s not a f*cking chance in hell that this is funny or gonna work. And when you see those flat corny Late Night monologue jokes with no audience, those are so f*cking cringy. And you’re also dealing with a lot of these people that are not stand-up comics...There's literal applause sign that tell you to applause. They'll train the audience.
Joe Rogan about Late Night Comedy on the JRE.

Following this, Rogan also revealed that the hosts usually read out of a teleprompter, with jokes nudged by writers. The audience themselves are pre-trained to clap and applaud the arrival of hosts, or on cue, as reactions. Rogan felt that these means of fake reactions that get appropriated as feedback are not real comedy. He threw shade on many modern late shows such as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert. Some of whom he has clashed with before. On the structuring of such shows, he said:

They’re [warm-up guys] like, ‘okay explain to the people. Okay, when Jimmy comes out, I want a big round of applause. Let’s practice this right now. Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Fallon, YEAH.

During his podcast, Rogan said that comedy nowadays was not what it used to be. He said pre-planned comedy was just a shell of what it used to be. Rogan himself has his brainchild, The Comedy Mothership. It is a brand new comedy club and bar in Austin, Texas, that indulges in stand-up comedy.

Joe Rogan discusses the potential of an AI president on his podcast

Recently, Podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan invited Reggie Watts to The Joe Rogan Experience. Watts is a renowned comedian, actor, beatboxer, and musician. Previously, he was a part of the ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ and led ‘The Late Late Show’s’ house band. During the length of the podcast, the two incited the idea of being led by an AI president.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan (Source: Twitter)

Rogan is known for his deliberative pruning and daring antics. Some segments of his podcast break the barrier on what’s normal. But this was topping even that. Artificial intelligence is no new feat and has been circulating for a while now. The beatboxer mentioned Dr. Allen D Thompson, an AI expert researcher. He provided a similar holistic frame of his thought that AI can overcome emotions and be more effective. Rogan said that an AI president would resist bias and corruption by corporations.

On talking about AI in low-focused legislature and high places, Rogan said that AI could have many benefits with proper usage. Both of them agree that AI can be an efficient/humble way to solve problems and create solutions for most people.

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