“Don’t believe everything you read”- Jorge Masvidal’s manager calls Colby Covington out for lying

Jorge Masvidal was arrested after he assaulted his rival, Colby Covington outside a steak restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Malki Kalwa on Jorge Masvidal

Malki Kalwa, Jorge Masvidal’s manager, has gone off on Colby Covington. Kalwa retweeted @Drewcampbell21 who spoke out in support of Masvidal in view of recent events.

Masvidal has been in hot water ever since his alleged ambush on Covington. The MMA world is split on his actions as Masvidal sucker-punched Covington but it was revenge for Covington’s comments about Masvidal’s family. He was arrested following an investigation of the case and is currently out on bail.

Kalwa has been supportive of Masvidal on Twitter throughout the entire incident, constantly retweeting in his favor. He retweeted @Drewcampbell21 who commented on footage of him running up on Covington. Kalwa called Covington a liar and encouraged fans to not believe in all they read. This might have made sense if the police still hadn’t disclosed the accuser’s name but the cops arrested Masvidal for the incident.

His tweet echoed @Drewcampbell21 who wrote, “Clearly @GamebredFighter isn’t wearing a hoodie so what else was Colby lying about.”  Drew Campbell looks like a firm supporter of Masvidal who in another tweet writes that the true king of Miami isn’t someone who snitches after getting a chipped tooth.

Malik Kalwa tweeted, “Everything Colby says is a lie. Don’t believe everything you read.”

Kalwa also retweeted some others who called Masvidal to be freed and ones who trolled Covington for pressing charges after talking trash about how it would be a fight in the streets if they ever saw each other.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov sides with Jorge Masvidal over alleged attack on Colby Covington

Khabib Nurmagomedov Jorge Masvidal Colby Covington
Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jorge Masvidal, and Colby Covington

Former undefeated UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov defends Masvidal’s recent outburst. He thinks Masvidal’s actions are justified considering Colby dragged his family into the feud.

In a statement given by Khabib, “If you are stronger than someone inside the octagon, it does not mean you can insult his children. No one has the right to insult someone’s family. Once you have gone down that path, then be ready to back up your words. You were attacked by professional fighter, the same as you are, your own size, and you go press charges against him to the police?”

Khabib further has asked the UFC community to boycott Colby on the grounds that he should be punished for bad-mouthing someone’s family and thinks this will set a benchmark in regulating other fighters who might do this.

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