Michael Chandler Wife: Who is Iron Mike’s better half?

Find out who Michael Chandler's wife is, their newest baby and how her wife's profession has a positive impact on his fighting career

Michael Chandler's wife and son
Michael Chandler's wife and son

Know more about Michael Chandler wife! Everything about Michael Chandler inside the octagon would only lead you to believe that the man has only one true love, and that’s violence.

In his 4 fights since joining the UFC in late 2020, the former Bellator Champion has never had a moment where fans could stay seated, famously referring to the iconic dialogue from “The Gladiator” after his most recent performance at UFC 274 “Are You Not Entertained?”

Michael Chandler Wife
Michael Chandler with his wife Brie and son Hap Chandler

One look at him, outside the cage door, will shatter all your myths about Chandler being the personification of violence because turns out he is quite the family man and most occasions nothing more than an overly excited Teddy Bear. So what keeps Chandler’s foot hooked to the ground despite his ever-soaring ambitions? His wife, Brie Chandler.

Born Brie Whilett, in Columbia, Missouri she works as a doctor in aesthetic medicine, having pursued a degree in biology and psychology at the Taylor University in Indiana. Soon after she went on to pursue her master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies at the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

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Here’s everything you need to know about About Michael Chandler Wife: Brie Chandler

Michael Chandler Wife Story
Brie Chandler can use her experience as an Aesthetic Doctor to good use as her husband rarely gets through fights without dismembering his face

Currently, she works as a doctor who practices corrective/beautification surgeries at OVME Aesthetics in Nashville. She formerly also worked at The Executive Medical Spa, San Marco California.  

Chandler and Brie started dating in 2013, however, prior to this, they had been in contact via emails for over two years. The couple soon got engaged, with Michael announcing the occasion via Twitter by saying, “She said Yes…” They were married in 2014, the same year they got engaged.

Michael Chandler's Wife Story
Michael Chandler with Brie Chandler

Brie Chandler frequents her husband’s fights and can be seen cage-side embracing the star after his victories. Brie and Chandler have adopted two children, their first child named Hap Chandler was welcomed to the family in 2018. Chandler mentioned on Instagram how his wife had always wanted to adopt, ever since she was a teenager. The most recent addition to the family was another baby boy by the name of Ace Chandler.

Ace was welcomed to the family during Chandler’s camp for his fight against Tony Ferguson and in the post-fight press conference, Chandler has said that most of the parental duties with regard to Ace were carried out by his wife Brie and that he was restless to be back home and reprise his role as a father.

Michael Chandler’s Instagram is filled with posts that show gratitude towards his wife for giving him a newfound meaning and support system in life.

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