“The guy is still a nobody,” Alex Pereira brings out unusual trash-talking side to respond to veteran Anthony Smith’s comments

Alex Pereira criticizes Anthony Smith's performance against Ryan Spann and reminds Lionheart not to send backlash towards himself.

“The guy is still a nobody,” Alex Pereira brings out unusual trash-talking side to respond to veteran Anthony Smith’s comments

Alex Pereira trash talks about Anthony Smith (Image Courtesy- Imago)

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira has hardly ever trash-talked his opponents. His silent and scary demeanor has always added to his intimidating personality. Pereira has called out fellow light heavyweight Anthony Smith for his criticism of the Brazilian’s light heavyweight debut. He ranted about Smith’s criticism and deemed it unnecessary.


Pereira took to his YouTube channel, where he uploads his journey leading up to a fight and his everyday life. Poatan revealed that many people had informed him of Smith’s controversial win over Ryan Spann at UFC 292. He praised Smith’s ability to put up a fight but called him out for unnecessary criticism of his skill. “He’s just a bitter man, the only ones who speak about me are washed-up vets. They are the ones who tried and failed, souls like Anthony Smith,” he said.

Alex Pereira also expressed his dislike for trashtalk and said that he only indulges in the truth. He also mentioned how top-ranked fighters do not call him out for his technical skill but rather veterans and the ones that are ranked below him. Pereira also reminded everyone that he just lost once in the UFC and wants to focus on winning all his future matches.

Pereira seemed really frustrated with the backlash he faced from Smith and expressed it fully. He is one of the scariest fighters in the UFC and is known for his calm but scary demeanor. Since his debut in the UFC, Alexa Pereira has proven to be one of the most dominant fighters in the Octagon.


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Anthony Smith criticized Alex Pereira’s light heavyweight debut

Alex Pereira vs Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291
Alex Pereira vs. Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291 (Image Courtesy- MMA Weekly)

Pereira moved up to the light heavyweight division after his knockout loss to Israel Adesanya. He fought Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291 and gained a victory over the former champ. However, Smith was not impressed with Pereira’s performance and believed that the Brazilian was more skilled at middleweight. He spoke about the fight and mentioned how both competitors were evenly matched.

Anthony Smith believes that Blachowicz did not struggle against Pereira but rather just gassed out. The UFC veteran mentioned that Pereira did not have what it took to stand out among other light heavyweight competitors. He believes that Pereira does not possess the scary personality he had at middleweight anymore.

Even though he criticized Pereira’s technical skills, Smith praised his striking skills and massive size. He also mentioned that he respects him a lot as a fighter. “Lionheart” is one of the most decorated UFC veterans and his critical analysis may prove to be wrong in Pereira’s case.


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