‘GOAT combat sports athlete’ – Alex Pereira wins internet over by showing off two-division belts from UFC and GLORY Championship

In a recent photo uploaded on X, current light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira displays both of his UFC and GLORY title belts.

‘GOAT combat sports athlete’ – Alex Pereira wins internet over by showing off two-division belts from UFC and GLORY Championship

Alex Pereira showcases his double belts from UFC and GLORY (via X)

Few athletes in combat sports have attained the degree of success and dominance that Alex Pereira has. A recent social media post exhibiting his simultaneous UFC and GLORY Championship crowns sent shockwaves across the internet community. This post showcases his dominance and legacy as one of the greatest combat sports athletes of all time.


The image in question is that of Pereira proudly displaying both his UFC belts as well as both of his GLORY Championship belts. This level of dominance in the sport has attracted the attention of combat fans worldwide. The post was uploaded on X.

Pereira recently won the UFC light heavyweight championship against former champion Jiri Prochazka. He also has the middleweight title to his name when he defeated long-time rival Israel Adesanya. These achievements are rare on their own, but Pereira has more.

He is also a two-time GLORY kickboxing champion, grabbing both the middleweight and the light heavyweight titles. He recently became the third inductee into the GLORY Hall of Fame. Check out the social media post below:


Alex Pereira’s recent presentation of his UFC and GLORY Championship belts wowed the internet. It also underlined his status as an unrivaled powerhouse in combat sports, be it kickboxing or MMA.

Fight fans react to the picture of Alex Pereira holding both UFC and GLORY belts

Alex Pereira, a UFC and GLORY title fighter, recently lit the internet with a captivating exhibition of his dual title belts. Aside from being a dual champion in both organizations, he is also a Hall of Famer in GLORY. This visual tribute to his unrivaled accomplishment sent shockwaves across the internet. This has elicited praise and admiration from fans and other fighters alike.

Fight fans react to Alex Pereira's showcasing of his UFC and GLORY belts
Fight fans react to Alex Pereira’s showcasing of his UFC and GLORY belts (via MMA Mania)

Fight fans showered their praise for the fighter’s legacy. Some called him the GOAT, highlighting his accomplishments, while others praised his performances and his demeanor. Here are some of the reactions from fight fans:

Alex Pereira’s dual titles echo across the internet sphere, demonstrating that his influence stretches beyond the ring. The internet’s reaction demonstrates the power of athletes who transcend boundaries and hold the collective imagination of fight fans worldwide.


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