“UTTER DOMINANCE” – Alexander Volkanovski destroys Max Holloway in trilogy fight at UFC 276

Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway meet each other for the third time in the octagon at UFC 276 co-main event.

Alexander Volkanovski Max Holloway UFC 276
Alexander Volkanovski defeats Max Holloway at UFC 276

The much-anticipated featherweight trilogy is here. Alexander Volkanovski takes on Max Holloway for the third time. This fight is undoubtedly the most anticipated fight on the UFC 276 fight card.

While UFC 276 is headlined by Israel Adesanya vs Jared Cannonier in the main event, the co-main event fight between Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway. This is one of the most fierce rivalries in the history of the promotion and the fans get an amazing trilogy. Featherweight champ Volkanoski is currently 2-0 in this amazing rivalry and Holloway is looking to get one back.

A win against Volkanovski would mean everything for Max as he could retain his most precious featherweight belt. Volkanovski is fighting for his legacy as the greatest featherweight of all time. The fighter believes a third win against a former champion like Holloway would etch his name as the GOAT of the division. Continue reading to see how this amazing trilogy unfolds at UFC 276.

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Alexander Volkanovski destroys Max Holloway at UFC 276

Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway UFC 276
Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway final face-offs

Round 1 The champ goes for a good combination and lands. Holloway still finding his rhythm. Another low kick from Alexander. Volk missing some huge shots by just a hair strand. Alex is talking to Max as he fights. Great right hand by Volkanovski. Another left hand. A stunning left hand from the champ. Alex keeps getting Max with his speed and Holloway. Great back-and-forth from the two fighters.

Round 2 Volkanovski with another shot that lands. Both the fighters are very calculated and left-hand lands for both the fighters. Alex goes for the clinch and uses his power. A stunning elbow from Volkanovski. Another amazing right had for Alexander. Max is bleeding from his eyebrow. Holloway looking for the head kick and Alex dodges them. Great inside low kick that catches Holloway off guard. Another great combo from the champ.

Round 3 Amazing punches land from Alexander. Great job from the champ defensively to make Max miss. Max with a high kick looking to switch the tides. An amazing combination from Volkanovski once again. Volkanovski is hurting Holloway really bad. Both the fighters get out of the clinch and Volkanovski lands a nasty right hand. Huge blows from Alexander and Holloway is left to bleed badly.

Round 4 Volkanovski is once again in the clinch with Holloway. Another huge right hand from Alexander. Good combination from Holloway. Holloway with a spinning kick to the thigh but the fighter needs a finish badly to win the fight. Another right hook that lands for Alexander. Holloway looks for the clinch but Volkanovski out-powers him. A good number of kicks land for Max in the fourth round.

Round 5 The first minute of the championship round was mostly the two in a clinch. A high kick from Volkanovski lands. Max barely landed strikes in the final rounds. Holloway looking for the takedown but Volkanovski just won’t budge. Holloway looks completely devastated. The fight ends and looks like another title defense for the champion.

Results Alexander Volkanovski def. Max Holloway via unanimous decision.

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