WATCH: Alexander Volkanovski’s moments after getting knocked out by Islam Makhachev shows Australian admitting to drinking problem

Backstage footage of UFC 294 reveals Alexander Volkanovski breaking down and dreading of his fight preparation.

WATCH: Alexander Volkanovski’s moments after getting knocked out by Islam Makhachev shows Australian admitting to drinking problem

In the aftermatch of UFC 294, Alexander Volkanovksi reveals drinking before Islam Makhachev fight camp (via YouTube)

It’s UFC 298 fight week, and the UFC recently released the Countdown episode for the fight card. It featured the men involved as the main attraction, Alexander Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria. During a particular sequence, ‘The Great’ spoke about his latest loss to Islam Makhachev, and unseen backstage footage of UFC 294 came to light. In it, Volkanovski admitted to having a drinking problem.

In the video, Alexander Volkanovski returned to his room after his loss to Islam Makhachev. Soon, he started retrospecting about his mindset before accepting the UFC 294 fight. Here is what he said:

I wasn't in camp. I wasn't training. I was just drinking every day. I took the fight. I was thinking it was the only way to snap into gear as well. I literally drank every day. I don't know why! When I'm not in camp, I was just losing my thoughts, so I had to take the fight. Now, I feel stupid.
Alexander Volkanovski (via UFC 298 Countdown)

Alexander Volkanovksi accepted the short-notice fight against Islam Makhachev to replace Charles Oliveira. ‘The Great’ had odds stacked against him, but he took on the challenge. However, the decision backfired as he lost the fight via knockout in the very first round.

Soon, Volkanovksi revealed struggling with mental health and claimed it was the reason for taking this fight. As such, he felt heartbroken for not approaching it strategically.

This was Alexander Volkanovski’s second crack at the lightweight belt, and he failed. However, ‘The Great’ had his eyes set on his own weight class and prepared to defend his 145lbs title. As such, he is facing the undefeated Ilia Topuria in UFC 298.


Alexander Volkanovski predicts his upcoming fight with Ilia Topuria

Alexander Volkanovski, one of the fan favorites, returns to the octagon this weekend. He faces the undefeated Spaniard Ilia Topuria in UFC 298. Since the UFC announced the fight, Topuria started dismissing Volkanovski’s credentials and claimed he would be the champion. In fact, he already believed he was. Now, ‘The Great’ replied to ‘El Matador’ and predicted the fight.

Alexander Volkanovski predicts his fight with Ilia Topuria
Alexander Volkanovski predicts his fight with Ilia Topuria (via X)

In his latest video on YouTube, Alexander Volkanovski laid out his prediction for the fight and claimed Ilia Topuria would be embarrassed. As such, he looked forward to teaching ‘El Matador‘ a lesson and humbling him. For the fight, ‘The Great’ confidently stated he would put Topuria out in the second round.

Alexander Volkanovksi looked confident in beating the young and hungry Ilia Topuria. Likewise, ‘El Matador’ gave no edge to the experienced champion and boldly predicted a first-round knockout. As such, this fight has some bad blood and animosity behind it. They meet inside the cage this weekend in UFC 298 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.


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