WATCH: ‘Weird’ Anthony Smith leaves Johnny Walker puzzled during fight after accusing him of attacking family

Johnny Walker damaged Anthony Smith's lead leg during their fight when Smith accused Walker of threatening his family

WATCH: ‘Weird’ Anthony Smith leaves Johnny Walker puzzled during fight after accusing him of attacking family

Anthomy Smith , Johnny Walker ( via :MMA Junkie, Essentially Sports)

Johnny Walker had made it to the top 5 ranks in the light heavyweight division after his win over Anthony Smith. Walker extended his winning streak to 3-0 while heavily relying on leg kicks for his victory. The fight saw both fighters give and take blows to the head. However, Johnny Walker was caught off guard by one of Anthony Smith’s moves.


The first round of their bout saw Johnny Walker trade blows with Anthony Smith. Walker was using his distance and making effective use of leg kicks to compromise Smith’s movement. Smith landed some blows and managed to score a takedown in the final seconds of the fight as well. However, Walker clearly edged Smith and walked away with the round under his belt. The second round saw Johnny Walker heavily reliant on leg kicks for most of the five minutes. While Johnny managed to beat up Anthony Smith’s lead leg, things got weird in the last minute of the round.

Anthony Smith, with his already swollen leg, was trying to accuse Johnny Walker of harming his family. “Why You’re threatening my family, man?” said Anthony Smith during the last 30 seconds of the second round. Smith’s statement caught Walker off-guard, as he was seen yelling in the octagon to make sense of Lionheart’s words. Smith’s effort to confuse Anthony Smith and throw him off his game did not work, as he won via unanimous decision at UFC Charlotte.

Furthermore, it is not clear why Anthony Smith mentioned his family being threatened when they were sitting cage side watching his fight. However, that did not stop fans from trolling Smith for his weird behavior. Meanwhile, Johnny Walker called out light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill during his post-fight interview.


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Johnny Walker left baffled after being accused of threatening Anthony Smith’s family amidst his fight

Johnny walker confused by ANthony Smith
Anthony Smith vs Johnny Walker ( Image via: MMA Fighting)

Johnny Walker will be entering the top 5 ranks in the light heavyweight division after his victory over Anthony Smith. Walker relied heavily on the leg kicks, to weaken Smith’s footing in the match. His plan worked well and Walker almost had Anthony Smith down many times. Yet, Anthony Smith used his years of MMA experience and got back up to land a few good shots.

While the match was fairly average, according to some fans, an interaction between Anthony Smith and Walker left the latter fighter visibly confused. Anthony Smith was seen yelling, ” Why are you threatening my family?” in the midst of the second round of their bout. This led to a very confused Walker questioning what his opponent actually meant. While Smith’s statement still remains a mystery, fans had a field day as they roasted Lionheart for this piece of conversation.

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:


Many people posted the “it’s all in his mind” meme from the popular Marvel series ‘Moonknight’. Some users also posted that Smith needs to consider retiring after his performance against Walker. Johnny Walker, on the other hand, called out light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill for his next fight; it won’t be that easy. Walker will need at least one more fight with an opponent above his rank to secure a title shot matchup with the champion.


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