Ariel Helwani NUKES Jake Paul by a brutally trolling tweet after Paul accuses him of giving “participation trophies”

Ariel Helwani NUKES Jake Paul by a brutally trolling tweet after Paul accuses him of giving “participation trophies”

Jake Paul- Ariel Helwani

Jake Paul is someone that usually reigns the psychological warfare due to his unique way of trolling but seems like he cannot win the war of words over Ariel Helwani. Paul is a Youtuber, boxer, boxing promoter and entrepreneur who is undefeated as a professional boxer with notable wins over former MMA champions Tyron Woodley. Paul is now looking forward to fighting most likely in October. Paul recently trolled UFC middleweights Luke Rockhold and Paulo Costa for their fight at UFC 278.

MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani was quick to call out Paul for his inappropriate judgement with foul mouth over this co-main event fight between Costa and Rockhold. It was only Paul who started by commenting “embarrassing for the sport” under Helwani’s tweet reacting to UFC 278 and then the back and forth ended with Helwani having the upper hand. Most of the tweets are deleted by Paul now. However, Paul had a separate piece out of his mind for Helwani.

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Ariel Helwani puts up a picture of Jake Paul with his MVP belt in response to Paul’s bold claim

Ariel Helwani and Jake Paul
Ariel Helwani and Jake Paul

Now in a separate tweet on Twitter Paul called out Helwani saying “Ariel loves giving out participation awards and that’s his problem.” Instead of saying anything, Helwani just posted a picture of Paul holding a belt he got made for himself which is known as the MVP/ Most Valuable Player belt. Paul first came out publicly with this belt during the rematch against Tyron Woodley back in 2021. The belt costs around $300,000 and has been designed by famous street artist Alec Monopoly.

Basically, Helwani is targeting Paul by indicating that Paul has not earned any belt yet given himself one, therefore confirming the definition of a “participation trophy” which Paul accused Helwani of giving.

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Helwani’s response tweet has got 7 times more engagement than Paul’s original tweet. What do you make of this vicious no-word response by Helwani? Do you think the face of the MMA Hour won the trash talk over Paul by all measures? Who do you think Paul will box against next? Where do you put Helwani amongst the greatest sports journalists of all time? Paul and Helwani have worked together as Helwani used to be the presenter of many pre-fight segments of Paul’s fights during the fight week. Do you think this back and forth hampers that sort of business relationship between the two and probably might never work together?

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