“I really don’t give a damn,” Charles Oliveira calls out UFC critics revealing true dedication to regain championship glory

Charles Oliveira pays no heed to what people are saying regarding his withdrawal from UFC 294

“I really don’t give a damn,” Charles Oliveira calls out UFC critics revealing true dedication to regain championship glory

Charles Oliveira (Source: Twitter)

Lightweight contender Charles Oliveira had been firmly set to reclaim the lightweight championship after his loss to Islam Makhachev. This happened in a vacant title fight at UFC 280. Although they were set to have a rematch at the main event of UFC 294, Oliveira had to withdraw due to a cut just 12 days before fight night.

There was widespread concern regarding the cut that caused Oliveira to withdraw from the fight. Moreover, the conversations revolved around why he and his team tried to handle the issue independently instead of promptly informing the UFC. Speaking on The MMA Hour, the Brazilian said:

For the UFC, when I told the UFC what happened and actually explained the situation to them, the support that I’ve gotten from the UFC, they understand who I am. They understand who Charles Oliveira is. They understand that I’m already thinking about the training I need to do, everything that I need to do to get back, and everything that I need to do to become a champion again. They understand this. In reality, I really don’t give a damn what people say.

One of the former lightweight champion’s biggest skeptics was peer Belal Muhammad. After withdrawing from the fight, Muhammad took to social media to accuse Oliveira of finding a way out. He even suggested that Oliveira cut himself intentionally.

Oliveira has retorted to such accusations with utter dismay. This is not the first scenario where a peer has wanted to ride a wave on the coattail of his career. Accordingly, Oliveira has said he does not pay heed to such criticisms. Oliveira has also expressed his interest to face Makhachev next.

Charles Oliveira recalls being daunted by his deep cut but aspires to recalibrate

Fighter Charles Oliveira was forced out of UFC 294 because of his gruesome injury. Instead, Alexander Volkanovski got to play out his rematch and two-division aims with Makhachev. Following the incident, much was said about the fighter pulling out. Speaking to Ariel Helwani of The MMA Hour, Oliveira has divulged what dictated his thoughts after the cut.

Charles Oliveira out of UFC 294
Charles Oliveira out of UFC 294 (Source: YouTube/UFC)

Speaking through Fabiano Buskei, Oliveira shed light on being daunted by the cut. He has said that as a combat sports fighter, one always remains ready that such a thing could happen. Conversely, they also have measures for treatments in place to bounce back quickly. But it dawned on him he could not fight when his doctor pitched in.

The doctor on-call had said that the cut was too deep to fight. Even a minor hit, could gush the wound open again. Oliveira thus had to pull out, with the recovery not happening in the time bound for the fight card.

The fighter has also shunned baseless criticism of not contacting UFC first. He has mentioned that given the gravity of the situation, they thought it to be best to administer treatment at first, quickly. He has said that once the situation was publicized, the promotion was very understanding about his stance and steps.


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