“Always with me” Charles Oliveira confirms he still has the special stone he flaunted after UFC 256 win

Charles Oliveira's lucky stone has indeed garnered more fan-praise than some prelim fighters in the UFC. Today the Champ confirmed that the stone was still with him.

Charles Oliveira
The "Lucky Stone" of Charles Oliveira as he holds it up after his win over Kevin Lee

Charles Oliveira is certainly the type of person who uplifts the ones around him while he rises up himself. This trait of his can be seen in everything from him choosing to go distribute food and rations in the slums he grew up in after his wins in the UFC to attributing his success to that of the entire favelas by a definitive statement in the middle of his swimming pool that read, “The Favela Won”

This is why many were surprised after not seeing the special rock that Oliveira flaunted to the world after his only decision victory during his legendary 11-fight win streak. The rock that last made an appearance after Oliveira’s win over Ferguson had fight fans scratching their heads over its meaning. However, the same fans were equally bothered when the stone didn’t make an appearance alongside Oliveira ever since he began his championship run.

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The story of Charles Oliveira and his special stone

Charles Oliveira
Oliveira displays his lucky stone after his win over Tony Ferguson, the last time the Stone was seen alongside Oliveira after his fights

Particular concern was shown after UFC 274 when hundreds of fans questioned the whereabouts of the stone. All these worries were put to rest as the champion finally confirmed the state of the stone.

Replying to a fan on Twitter, who asked, “Where is the rock? ” The champion posted a photo of him holding the rock with the caption that read, “Always with me. “ The rock holds a special meaning in Oliveira’s life as it was given to him by his father as a youngster, alluding to a story in the Bible.

The stone represents the one used by David to defeat Goliath. For those who are unfamiliar David was a normal human while Goliath was a giant who had never been defeated, but it only took David a stone and slingshot to change that and put the giant to rest forever.

Charles Oliveira is deeply religious and believes the rock gave him the power to overcome every Goliath-like challenge in life from his childhood paralysis scares to his tough run in the UFC and now finally his glory days as Champion.

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