Charles Oliveira to reach a huge milestone at UFC 280

Charles Oliveira to reach a huge milestone at UFC 280

Charles Oliveira

As keen as Charles Oliveira gets into making his opponents submit, he is keen enough to reach milestones now and then. His fight against Islam Makhachev at UFC 280 is going to be another huge milestone for ‘do Bronx’.


The hype has already been created around UFC 280. And the fight between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev for the UFC Lightweight championship is going to be the main event for the night. And after this fight, ‘do Bronx’ will complete fighting all the other top 5 lightweights within a year and a half.

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The fight has been hyped as Oliveira is going to take on the former UFC Lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s friend and student, Islam Makhachev, who is believed to fill ‘The Eagles’ shoes. Fans are already betting odds for who’s going to be the interim champ of the division. Fans are seen having different opinions regarding UFC 280, Oliveira vs Makhachev fight.


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Fans commenting on Charles Oliveira’s milestone prior to UFC 280

Charles Oliveira UFC champ
Charles Oliveira responds to criticisms about him not being a champ

It looks like fans have become unfiltered about Oliveira’s milestone at UFC 280. Where fans praised the Brazilian for his milestone, on the other hand didn’t refrain to take shots at Nurmagomedov.

Fans were seen siding and backing ‘do Bronx’ and even didn’t hesitate to compare him with ‘The Eagle’. One fan took to Twitter and wrote, “He is goat than Khabib.” Another fan wrote, “Khabib isn’t even top 5 of all time.” Fans were seen posting Charles Oliveira appreciation posts and so much more like this.

October 22nd seems pretty hooked up and can Oliveira capitalize and win the lightweight champion for the 2nd time and end the night on high notes or will Makhachev pour water into Oliveira’s celebration and stand victorious over him! Well! We have to wait.


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