Colby Covington credits President Donald Trump for giving ‘dragon energy’ and vows to wrap belt around him after UFC 296

UFC welterweight contender has stated his aspirations to put the belt around former US president Donald Trump's waist after potentially defeating Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

Colby Covington credits President Donald Trump for giving ‘dragon energy’ and vows to wrap belt around him after UFC 296

Colby Covington and Donald Trump(Image courtesy: IMAGO)

After UFC CEO Dana White‘s announcement of UFC 296, many MMA fans will be eager to see Colby Covington compete in the octagon. The champion, Leon Edwards, will put the welterweight title on the line in his upcoming fight. In a recent interview, Covington has stated that he’ll dominate Edwards to clinch the title from him in the presence of former USA president Donald Trump.


In the interview, Covington said, “I’ve talked to him. He will be at the fight, front row in attendance. I can’t wait to have him out there and get his dragon energy. Every time I see him dude, I just wanna run like a marathon. There’s nothing that can stop me. I feel invincible. It just gives me a sense of strength and energy. It makes me unstoppable.” Further, Colby also stated that if he wins the title, he will put the title around Trump’s waist.

Covington plans to ‘melt’ Edwards in their fight at UFC 296. He is relying on his constant pressure to slide through the title fight. Covington’s last fight came against arch-rival Jorge Masvidal. Covington emerged victorious in that bout. However, the fight against Masvidal was back in March 2022. His inactivity in the octagon creates immense doubt among fans to put the money on Covington.

However, time and again, Covington has come out on top against elite-level welterweight fighters. Before Edward’s won the title, many fans claimed Covington to be the second-best in the division after Kamaru Usman. Now that Covington faces the new champion, fans will be eager to see him prove his worth.


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Colby Covington announces his return to the octagon for UFC 296

In yesterday’s announcement, UFC CEO Dana White shared some intricate details for the UFC 296 headline events. The most catchy matchup announced by White was the welterweight title fight between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards. After the reveal, Covington released a promo of him, announcing his UFC 296 fight.

mma fight colby
Colby Covington(Image courtesy: MMA Fighting)

In his two previous title fights, Covington fell short in his run to become a champion. His biggest obstacle was Kamaru Usman, who faced defeat against Colby’s new opponent, Edwards. Edwards shares an impeccable record of being undefeated for the past eight years. This will be a huge challenge for Colby, who looks excited for his upcoming matchup. The promo reveals the fight announcement and showed Colby in his fight gear announcing his return.

This will undoubtedly be a blockbuster fight. After Edwards’s dominating victory against Usman, many will favor Colby as the underdog in this fight. But such odds won’t affect the American Champion’s confidence.


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