“Enjoy my premises” Conor McGregor welcomes comedian Kevin Hart at landmark Dublin 12 restaurant, Black Forge Inn

Hart made a stop at McGregor's Black Forge Inn on his Ireland Tour

Conor McGregor x Kevin Hart
The two have been good friends for some time now

Conor McGregor and Kevin Hart have one thing in common, that is when at the top of their there are barely any others who work harder than them. Hence it is no surprise that the two immediately clicked off when the comedian visited McGregor’s Black Forge Inn in Dublin Ireland.

Hart has been a fan of the sport for some time now and has shared how the UFC has made him more cautious about picking fights with strangers. In his 2010 comedy special Hart has a skit about how UFC fighters intimidate him due their ability to “shut off everything” in a person’s body.

Hart and McGregor have met previously at The SuperBowl 2019 where the comedian along with his wife posed for a picture with McGregor who had bought his son along to the event. After clicking the photo, Hart jokingly threatened Junior, asking him to stop flirting with his wife, leaving both Conor and Hart with a hearty laugh.

Hart is in Ireland currently doing the European leg of his “Reality Check” comedy tour. It was then that the comedian and his entourage decided to visit the establishment of an old friend situated in Ireland, The Black Forge Inn recently purchased and renovated by Conor McGregor. Unfortunately, the Irishman wasn’t present to personally welcome the star but made time to have a video call with him.

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Conor McGregor and Kevin Hart rekindle their friendship from Superbowl 2019

Conor McGregor x Kevin Hart
McGregor and Hart at the Super Bowl

Conor who is currently training in France has been in the country for over 3 months and has set up camp there. While the Irishman was in between training sessions and was undergoing massage therapy, McGregor called his friend Hart via FaceTime and the two seemed glad to see each other face.

Hart thanked Conor for the hospitality and the aura of the place saying, “it’s a good look buddy” . He said, “I can’t wait to connect, I know you’re tied up I just wanted to say hey and thank you that’s all”

Conor reciprocated the warmth by wishing Kevin the best on the rest of his tour dates and appreciated him for being a hard worker akin to McGregor. The fighter then asked Hart to enjoy himself in “McGregor’s Premises” leaving the call to continue with his training.

The biggest updates from Conor’s camp rolled in last week when the Irishman posted videos of him being able to kick again after the nasty injury he suffered against Dustin Poirier in their trilogy fight at UFC 264

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