“Chandler is f**ked!” – Conor McGregor gets fans excited with new look weeks after official USADA test ahead of return

Mere weeks after USADA test, Conor McGregor's recent transformation leaves fans thrilled.

“Chandler is f**ked!” – Conor McGregor gets fans excited with new look weeks after official USADA test ahead of return

Mcgregor's latest tranformation has fans excited for his return (Via X)

The combat sports world is buzzing with excitement as former UFC champion Conor McGregor hints at his eagerly anticipated return. McGregor, known for his charisma and knockout power, has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats with his latest transformation. This has led many to believe he’s more ready than ever. The photos shared via X, had many comparing him to his former self.


After a series of setbacks and controversies, McGregor recently announced that he completed an official USADA test. This is a crucial step towards his much-anticipated return. The news reassured fans that “The Notorious” is taking his comeback seriously and is committed to competing on a level playing field.

McGregor’s flamboyance and pre-fight theatrics have always been a major draw for fans. His commitment to rigorous training only adds to his appeal. This transformation hints at a motivated fighter who’s eager to silence his critics.

Speculation is running wild about his next opponent, with many fans hoping for a high-profile rematch with Michael Chandler, a fellow lightweight standout. If that bout materializes, it’ll be a spectacle fans won’t want to miss.


Conor McGregor’s recent USADA test and his physical transformation have reignited the excitement around his return to the octagon. With his dedication to the sport and a potential showdown with Michael Chandler on the horizon, it’s clear that “Mcgregor is Ready!” for whatever challenges lie ahead. The MMA world is eagerly awaiting the return of “The Notorious.”

Check out how fans reacted to Conor Mcgregor’s latest transformation

Fans around the world are electrified by the news of Conor McGregor’s impending return to the UFC octagon. McGregor’s charisma and knockout prowess have fans eagerly anticipating his comeback, and his recent transformation only intensifies the excitement. Here are some of the best fan replies to the viral post.

Conor McGregor announced his return date
Conor McGregor announced his return date (via IMAGO)

Amidst previous setbacks and controversies, McGregor’s announcement of a successful USADA test has fans breathing a collective sigh of relief. Some even had unique responses to the viral post.

This confirmation reassures them that “The Notorious” is fully dedicated to his comeback. The buzz in the air is palpable as fans can hardly wait to witness McGregor’s triumphant return to the octagon.


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