“Got my GOAT butt naked” – Conor McGregor’s ‘nude’ scene in Hollywood debut Road House catches fight fans off-guard

Conor McGregor makes his Hollywood debut with no clothes during his introduction scene.

“Got my GOAT butt naked” – Conor McGregor’s ‘nude’ scene in Hollywood debut Road House catches fight fans off-guard

Conor McGregor had a nude scene in Road House (Via Digital Spy)

UFC superstar Conor McGregor made his Hollywood debut with the remake of the 1989 classic Road House. The film featured Jake Gyllenhaal in the protagonist role, who played an ex-UFC fighter. The most awaited film was released on Amazon Prime Video on 21 March. Fight fans eagerly tuned in to watch the Irish star in action. They were surprised by his introduction scene, which had McGregor ‘butt naked.’

Road House started with an introduction of Elwood Dalton (Gyllenhaal’s character). Then, it proceeded to follow its plot of the ex-UFC fighter saving the Roadhouse he works from the villains. After a long wait for the UFC star, Conor McGregor appeared on screen after the 50-minute mark. Shockingly, his first scene in Hollywood featured him naked. He walked down a market fully naked with the camera following the rear side of the fighter.

This scene completely caught the fans off guard. However, Conor McGregor’s aura carried the scene and the character well. He played the role of Knox, a ‘Notorious’ rowdy who constantly instigated Dalton to move out of the Roadhouse. While McGregor had previously stated the role was extended after his addition, he shared relatively limited screen time. However, he acted in two action-packed fights against Jake Gyllenhaal, which the MMA fans celebrated.

Although Conor McGregor’s portrayal of Knox received some positive responses from the fans, he wasn’t interested in acting again soon. The Irishman wanted to return to fighting and make his UFC comeback soon. As such, ‘The Notorious’ aimed for a date in June. However, the UFC has yet to announce an official date.

Fans react to Conor McGregor’s naked scene

Amazon Prime Videos recently released Jake Gyllenhall’s Road House. Fight fans were more excited about this movie’s release since it featured the Irish superstar Conor McGregor. This was his Hollywood debut. As such, Fans were excited to celebrate the introduction of his character, Knox. However, they were shell-shocked to see the UFC fighter naked in the very first scene. The film also had a similar scene at the end of the rolling credits.

Fans react to Conor McGregor's naked scene in Road House
Fans react to Conor McGregor’s naked scene in Road House (Via IMDb)

Conor McGregor’s introduction had him walking through a market naked. Although ‘The Notorious’ absorbed the character and played the part to his highest capacity, fans were still shocked. As such, they reacted to the scene on X. Here are some interesting reactions.

Fight fans were dumbfounded, to say the least. They even referenced John Cena’s near-naked appearance at the Oscars to make a few criticisms. Others blatantly trolled the Irishman for exposing himself. Also, the film gained mixed responses among the fan base. But, many noticed the effort McGregor put into his first acting stint and congratulated him.

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