“If you need toilet papers…” Dana White reveals lengths he went to protect employees from COVID-19

UFC CEO Dana White reveals inspiring and safeguarding actions that he took during the Covid pandemic fight cards to ensure safety of employees.

“If you need toilet papers…” Dana White reveals lengths he went to protect employees from COVID-19

Dana White with the UFC CBO and UFC Director of PR (Image via: Instagram)

The UFC was the first sports league to commence operation during the pandemic era. UFC CEO Dana White got a lot of flack for but in hindsight, it proved to be the best move. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the closure of businesses and also the loss of jobs. However, the UFC did not lay off a single worker. Moreover, the promotion conducted events in the UFC Apex and also on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. White got support from the UAE royal family whom White great admires.


White appeared on the Truth podcast of Vivek Ramaswamy, and on the podcast, he described what he did for employees during the lockdown. This is what he said.

Every week, I said, 'If you need anything, you need groceries, if any of your people get sick, you or family members, make me your first call. We'll get you taken care of.' And this sounds weird, but at the time, it was a hot commodity. 'If you need toilet paper, call me.'... I was telling these guys, whatever you need, made everybody feel cool. 
Dana White via Truth Podcast

White was a source of relief and inspiration for his employees during the pandemic era. The lockdown era was a successful time for the UFC as they made humongous profits. White even revealed that PPV’s that should’ve got 300K PPV buys even got a million PPV buys.

Dana White, along with Joe Rogan, were very critical of the stance the US government took in handling COVID-19. Both were against compulsory vaccinations and compulsory use of masks. Many targeted Rogan for the stance he took at the time and even tried to cancel him.


Dana White credits employees as the reason for UFC’s success through COVID-19 despite media criticism

UFC CEO Dana White shares a close bond with his employees. White took care of his employees during the pandemic, and they repaid him with full support. He credited them as the reason why the UFC did good business during the pandemic. This is despite the severe media criticism he got. He stated it on Vivek Ramaswamy’s podcast.

Dana White
Dana White (via IMAGO)

White considers his co-workers in the UFC in high regard. UFC CBO Hunter Campbell and also the matchmakers Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard ably supported White. Nonetheless, Dana White trusts Lenee Randle Breckenridge, the Director of PR in the UFC, the most.

White has even gone on to reveal in the podcast that he won’t take a single step without consultation from Breckenridge. He has massive amounts of respect for Breckenridge. White also protects his fighters from the media too as evidenced by his defense of Sean Strickland and Colby Covington for their respective remarks.

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