“Age is Showing” Daniel Cormier falls for hilarious fake news headline about his own wife

JDaniel Cormier unknowingly falls for a fake news headline about his wife and another UFC fighter

Daniel Cormier
DC and wife (left) Joe Rogan and Vanessa D. (right)

Daniel Cormier is the only major ring announcer that hasn’t yet faced the wrath of a victorious Vanessa Demopoulos. The female fighter has celebrated her last two victories by jumping into the arms of the person conducting her octagon interview and this had become quite the meme.

The first time she celebrated in that manner was when she defeated Silvana Juarez at UFC 270. The fighter jumped into the arms of Joe Rogan who eagerly held on to her despite Joe’s size. Recently after her victory at UFC Vegas 57, she did the same by jumping onto the arms of Michael Bisping, who despite holding her up didn’t reciprocate the same energy as Rogan.

Recently while being asked about who had the better embrace of the two, Vanessa said it was hands down Joe. This caused Bisping to jokingly respond saying, “I’ve never been so offended in my life. ” While the wholesome celebration did receive some flak due to the double standards by which a male fighter would be judged if he were to celebrate in a similar fashion with female announcers, one specific MMA Satire page went further and beyond with it and got the attention of the very wrong people.

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Daniel Cormier accepts his mistake in being a victim of fake news

Daniel Cormier
DC with his family

The MMA satire website, MMAFPress published a tweet, that allegedly had a screenshot of DC’s wife replying to one of the tweets regarding Vanessa’s celebration. It read, “AHEM! @Lilmonsterdemo do this with my husband and you won’t make it out the arena. Try Me! ” Those in the know immediately dismissed the tweet after seeing the publishing handle, but MMA fighters may not always be in the know to respond appropriately.

This fake tweet got the attention of Daniel who thought he had to clarify the authenticity of the statement. He responded quoting the tweet, “While hilarious she didn’t say that at all. Some of y’all are so creative I don’t even know how they do that” showing slight disappointment that such false news about his wife would be publicized.

However thanks to fans pointing it out in the replies, Daniel Cormier was quick to catch on to his mistake and realized he just fell for a fake tweet. Replying to a screenshot posted by a fan that featured the bio of the publisher that read, “The Hardest Hitting Fake Press in MMA” DC was open to making fun of himself and his age.

He said, “I’m even more embarrassed now, “ expressing his disappointment in so clearly falling for a troll. He continued, “I constantly show my age haha” assuring that he was much cooler in his younger days.

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