“I’m not gonna smoke out of a bong,” Legendary Demetrious Johnson astonished by Sean O’Malley’s routine of marijuana consumption

Sean O"Malley details his marijuana smoking routine and how he keeps up with his training.

“I’m not gonna smoke out of a bong,” Legendary Demetrious Johnson astonished by Sean O’Malley’s routine of marijuana consumption

Sean O'Malley told Demetrious Johnson about marijuana consumption (via Imago)

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson recently interviewed Sean O’Malley. He expressed astonishment at the bantamweight champion’s honesty about his marijuana use habits. O’Malley is known for his colorful personality and excellent fighting abilities. His marijuana use and how it affected his training has sparked interest within the MMA community.


Johnson bluntly asked “Suga” about his marijuana use and how he balanced his athletic pursuits with it. O’Malley replied that he did it with care. Suga felt he didn’t smoke as much as people thought. This is what O’Malley stated:

I really don't smoke as much as people think…especially in camp, i am not going to smoke a joint, i am not gonna smoke out a bong, smoke out of a pipe.. I smoke, dab. I smoke out of a nice clean quality vaporizer.
Sean O’Malley via Mighty YT

Marijuana usage among athletes has always remained a divisive subject. Some claimed it impaired cognitive function and physical performance. However, opinions regarding this have shifted, particularly as more states permit recreational and therapeutic usage.

O’Malley’s public admission of his marijuana use raises questions about what constitutes appropriate behavior for professional sports. His honesty regarding his use may reflect changing cultural views toward marijuana. It is to be noted that there is an interest in decriminalizing its use within the MMA community.


Sean O’Malley explains how he lost his first fight against Marlon Vera

Sean O’Malley’s dynamic style and outstanding fighting abilities have earned him recognition. He recently discussed his first fight with Marlon “Chito” Vera during an interview with Demetrious Johnson. The MMA community highly anticipates the rematch between O’Malley and Vera. O’Malley’s account of their first meeting offers some insight into the mechanics of their battle.

Sean O'Malley discredits Marlon Vera's win over him
Sean O’Malley discredits Marlon Vera’s win over him (via MMA Mania)

Johnson asked O’Malley about the specifics of their first fight, expressing his belief that O’Malley was injured during the bout. O’Malley replied that a kick to the Peroneal nerve caused the drooping foot, ultimately attributing it to his loss. This is what O’Malley stated:

He kicked my Peroneal nerve. It gives you drop foot. So, everytime i would walk forwards, i would roll my ankle. So yeah, that s**ked. But yeah, it was weird.
Sean O”Malley via Mighty YT

O’Malley’s open explanation regarding his first fight with Vera sheds light on the hurdles and uncertainty that athletes experience in MMA. It emphasizes the sport’s physical and mental difficulties. It also highlights the importance of tenacity and adaptation in the face of adversity.

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