“Can’t wait to go home,” Derrick Lewis hilariously ‘tricked’ into fighting in Brazil against Jailton Almeida

Derrick Lewis didn't want to fight Jailton Almeida in Brazil but he got tricked into it.

“Can’t wait to go home,” Derrick Lewis hilariously ‘tricked’ into fighting in Brazil against Jailton Almeida

Derrick Lewis has the most knockouts in UFC history(via IMAGO)

The American fighter Derrick Lewis returns to the octagon this weekend against the Brazilian contender Jailton Almeida. This fight is happening in Sao Paulo, Brazil. However, Lewis said he got tricked and wouldn’t have accepted the fight if he knew it was in Brazil. He was always against fighting in Brazil because of their high tax policy.

In an interview with Fox Sports Australia, Derrick Lewis jokingly stated that he was being taxed too much and it was like fighting for nothing. He admitted that he got tricked as he got to know the fight location only after accepting the fight. As such, he looked forward to finishing the fight and getting home soon. Here is what Lewis said:

I didn’t know the fight was in Brazil though. It was only after accepting that they told me. I’d always said to my manager I would never fight in Brazil because of the taxes being so bad. (Laughs) So I got tricked into accepting this fight
Derrick Lewis (via Fox Sports Australia)

“The Black Beast” further stated about taking this fight on short notice. He said that he wanted a fight before 2024 but the UFC had everything booked. So, when Chris Curtis pulled out Derrick Lewis agreed straightaway. Almeida is on a five-fight win streak and it is up to Lewis to upset the party.

Derrick Lewis is coming off a spectacular knockout win over Marcos Rogerio De Lima. He landed a flying knee right on De Lima’s chin to put him down in a matter of seconds. After this fight with Almeida, Lewis was keen on rematching Tai Tuivasa who had beat him earlier.

Derrick Lewis surprises everyone with his prediction for the fight

The veteran Derrick Lewis faces the rising prospect, Jailton Almeida this weekend. Almeida is known for his ground game and wrestling. As such, it might be troubling for the American since he prefers a standup fight. But, when asked about it he surprised everyone with his response. He stated that he could get a leg lock on Almeida early in the first round.

Derrick Lewis is confident that he can leg lock Jailton Almeida on the ground.
Derrick Lewis is confident that he can leg-lock Jailton Almeida on the ground. (via Imago)

Derrick Lewis further said that he was a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu and that his skill would match up with Almeida. He admitted that he had been fighting for a long time and had trained in all aspects of it including wrestling, striking, and Jiu-Jitsu. Further, he mentioned that he was ready wherever the fight went.

“The Black Beast” stunned everyone with his knockout win over De Lima in UFC 291. This quick win boosted his confidence tenfold. Now, he was looking forward to upsetting the Brazilian Almeida on his home ground.

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