Drake gifts a grand Rolex to Paddy Pimblett after winning massive $3 million bet at UFC London

The Rapper Drake came through with his promise of gifting the two scousers with Rolex watches as he had promised back in July.

(Left) Drizzy (rght) Paddy and Molly

Drake won big on the night when Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann stole the show in the UFC’s return to London. The international rap star who is most well known for losing most of his MMA bets won a healthy 3 million dollars off the scouser’s back.


While the two avoided commenting on the bet before the fight, the moment both Paddy and Molly had walked back to their locker rooms with a victory, the first thing they did was have a video message for the rapper. In it they applaud the rapper for backing the right horse as the whole squad goes wild in the background.

Before closing out the video, they ask the rapper to put that money to good use and help the fighters level up their style game, by asking to be gifted Rolex watches. No stranger to luxury himself, Drake quickly accepted the offer and promised to send a piece each, their way.


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Drake Gifts Rolex Watches to Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann as promised at UFC London

Paddy and Molly both won the POTN Bonus at UFC ondon

To freshen up your memory, both Paddy and Molly walked out of what was a comparatively less enthralling night of fights with the most star power on their back. The two were able to gain flashy finishes over their opponents.

McCann was squared off against Hannah Goldy, in a fight to determine who gets to finally have a spot at the lower end of the woman’s flyweight rankings. In what seemed like an attempt to overshadow her previous UFC London KO, McCann got another finish that started off with a spinning backfist.

Pimblett meanwhile was up against an equally fierce prospect in Jordan Leavvit. The two had a pretty heated build up with both trying to, “out weird” each other. It got to the point where Paddy promised to “Teabag” Jordan after getting the win. Promises made, promises kept.

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Now recently, Paddy has provided us with an update on the Rolex situation as it seems the rapper has also come through with his promise. In a video posted to Instagram, Pimblett can be seen displaying the rapper’s gift while also having some advice for the next time he places bets.

“Nice one for that Drake, thank you very much, he said he’d get us a Rolex and he’s got us one”, said Pimblett as opened up the package he received from Drake. However, Pimblett believes the watch could have been better, if only the rapper had placed his bets on Barstool’s booking site. “He would have been able to get us a better watch if he’d had bet with barstool”, joked the fighter as he maintained his job as a Barstool ambassador.

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