“Lock him up!” – Dustin Poirier taking over Dana White’s head office kitchen for hot sauce experiment leaves fans disgusted

Dustin Poirier went on the "F*** it Friday" show, typically hosted by Dana White. He showcases his culinary skill making his signature Ice cream hot sauce dip, eaten with chicken wings.

“Lock him up!” – Dustin Poirier taking over Dana White’s head office kitchen for hot sauce experiment leaves fans disgusted

Dustin Poirier shows off his skills in the kitchen, making a unorthodox dip (via Imago/X)

Dustin Poirier took the position of chef for the newest part of ‘F**k It Friday,’ a series generally hosted by UFC CEO Dana White. White started looking into unconventional culinary combinations and social media trends with the aid of UFC chefs after being inspired by a KFC donut fried chicken sandwich commercial.


The Diamond took center stage this week, displaying his culinary skills by producing a one-of-a-kind combination of hot sauce ice cream and chicken wings mixed with his own Louisiana-style hot sauce. The clip caught Poirier’s creative process, adding his unique touch to the ‘F**k It Friday’ tradition. This is what Dana White posted and wrote in the caption:

This week on Fuck It Friday: Hot Sauce Ice Cream and Wings with @DustinPoirier #F*ckItFriday. Enter to win at http://UFC.com/12Days.
Dana White via X

Outside of his culinary skills, Dustin Poirier is considering a return to the octagon. He has expressed interest in competing in UFC 300 in April 2024. Poirier is excited to return to the cage after suffering a devastating knockout defeat to Justin Gaethje in July at UFC 291. He sees UFC 300 as a big milestone in his career.

Dustin Poirier’s takeover of ‘F**k It Friday’ not only introduced a savory twist to the series but also provided fans with a taste of his culinary talent. It kept the UFC fanbase interested and anxiously awaiting his return to the octagon.


Fight fans react to Dustin Poirier’s Hot Sauce Ice Cream and Wings

Dustin Poirier’s video of him preparing the dip gave a distinct flavor to the weekly tradition. Fans accustomed to Dana White’s culinary experimentation were both astonished and amused by Poirier’s takeover. The unusual mix of Poirier’s hot sauce and ice cream combo with chicken wings elicited various reactions from UFC fans.

Dustin Poirier
Dustin Poirier (Image Courtesy – Las Vegas Review Journal)

The fight fans’ reactions were quick and humorous. Some remarked on the unusual pairing of hot sauce ice cream with chicken wings, expressing a mix of surprise and disgust. Others, however, felt like this would be an amazing combo. Here are some of the reactions from fight fans:

Fight fans are already charmed by his culinary abilities, in a good or a bad way. They now anxiously expect his return to the ring, bringing another layer of excitement to the UFC community.

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