“Those motherf**kers are yes men,” ex-UFC champ praises ‘real man with balls’ Francis Ngannou for leaving promotion

Luke Rockhold praises Francis Ngannou's decision to renounce the UFC .Claims the promotion enslaves it's fighters...

“Those motherf**kers are yes men,” ex-UFC champ praises ‘real man with balls’ Francis Ngannou for leaving promotion

Luke Rockhold commends Francis Ngannou for sticking to his decision and leaving the UFC (Image credits: L/R - gettyimages.com )

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou bid goodbye to the promotion when it refused to adhere to some of the demands he was making. Ex-champion Luke Rockhold who also left back in 2022 praises Ngannou for sticking to his decision.

Francis Ngannou was the reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion at the time when he left the promotion. He had raised issues with the company’s policy and demanded changes that the UFC simply didn’t adhere to. Ngannou requested more money, the ability to create contracts outside of the UFC, clarification on his contracts with the UFC, fighter insurance, and so on and the UFC reportedly refused to meet all these demands.


Meanwhile, Luke Rockhold left the UFC back in August and has been vocal about the UFC’s problems. He says that Francis Ngannou did the right thing by disassociating himself from the UFC. I’m f*** stoked for Francis. Francis, he’s a real man with f** balls and he can make a decision. There’s too many yes men in the world. The UFC is where it is today because all those motherf*** are yes men, and they’re just playing their game so the UFC is going to keep playing their game and keep controlling the fighters.”

He says that the UFC enslaves the fighters and dictates what they can or cannot do and he is sick and tired of it. Luke Rockhold recently partnered with Bare Knuckle Boxing Championship (BKFC) and will make his debut at BKFC 41. He will fight against former fellow UFC veteran Mike Perry.

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Luke Rockhold may return to the UFC

Luke Rockhold
Luke Rockhold announces potential return to the fight scene (Image Courtesy – Pinterest)

If the conditions are favorable, Luke Rockhold might return to the UFC in 2023. Luke Rockhold tells Submission Radio that he is open to making a comeback to the UFC but on his own terms.

Rockhold mentions Adesanya’s amazing performance against Alex Pereira in UFC 287 and discussed how “The Last StyleBender” inspires him in his own life. ” I’m sure I inspired ‘Izzy’ as he was younger and he’s inspiring me now. You draw inspiration through everybody. He was a fu**ing gangster,” Rockhold said.

Luke Rockhold’s last fight in the promotion was against Paulo Costa at UFC 278. Rockhold is a former middleweight champion and currently awaits to make his bare-knuckle fighting debut later this April.


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