“You needed oxygen to stay alive” – Fans bash Israel Adesanya for claiming to have better quality win over Alex Pereira in rivalry

Adesanya-Pereira rivalry is not over yet. Fans react to Adesanya's claim of quality victory over Pereira at UFC 287

“You needed oxygen to stay alive” – Fans bash Israel Adesanya for claiming to have better quality win over Alex Pereira in rivalry

Alex Pereira savagely responds to Israel Adesanya's tweet (Image Sources - AG.fighting/Stuff.co.nz)

Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira‘s rematch at UFC 287 was one of the most sensational fights of 2023. It was the sixth highest-grossing event in UFC history. This was the duo’s fourth face off and Israel Adesanya emerged victorious, beating Alex Pereira for the first time in all four fights.

A simple win didn’t satiate Adesanya’s thirst for victory. He went on to mock Alex Pereira’s son after securing the win. Pereira couldn’t let disrespect go unseen and thus took to Twitter to share a video that ultimately declared him as the better fighter. He claimed himself to be the better fighter owing to the number of wins he has over Adesanya.“We are the best. But I’m still better. Numbers don’t lie. 3:1,” he captioned the video.


Israel Adesanya shot back at the Tweet immediately. The Middleweight champion declared that it isn’t the quantity of wins but the quality of wins that counts. “It’s Quality over quantity over here. 3-1, you can keep that. Whatever helps you SLEEP at night…” Adesanya tweeted back.

Adesanya knocked down Alex Pereira in the second round with a vicious shot to the chin. The knockdown at UFC 287 is currently one of the most clipped fight scenes of 2023.

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Fans react to Adesanya’s reply to Pereira

Israel Adesanya not happy with Cejudo Narration
(Image via NZ herald)

Israel Adesanya has been actively firing shots in every direction on social media ever since the win at UFC 287. With his recent controversy with his ex-girlfriend, and pushback against alleged racist comments, Adesanya still finds time to clap back at Pereira.

Both Adesanya and Pereira have avid fans on Twitter that are both dedicated and loyal. Here are some of the reactions from both sides amid the Twitter feud between the fighters.


‘Poatan’ is reportedly moving up the weight class to now fight in the light-heavyweight division and thus, another rematch between the two lifelong rivals seems unlikely. But this doesn’t stop them from taking shots at each other at every opportunity each gets.


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