“The only clothes he owns” – Fans Go Wild as Alex Pereira adds flavor in full UFC gear with his Salt Bae impression

Fans erupt in excitement as Alex Pereira spices up his food by donning full fight gear and channeling his inner Salt Bae.

“The only clothes he owns” – Fans Go Wild as Alex Pereira adds flavor in full UFC gear with his Salt Bae impression

Alex Pereira impersonates Salt bae (Image via X)

Alex Pereira gets noticed by fight fans for wearing the same UFC gear every time. Pereira, in a very limited time in the promotion, has definitely gathered a massive fan base for himself. Other than his rivalry and knockout of Israel Adesanya, the Brazilian got a lot of attention for his personality.

Pereira’s lack of English proficiency hasn’t hindered his rise to stardom. In fact, his inability to communicate fluently in English has added to his mystique, making him an enigmatic figure in the world of fighting. He maintains a stoic and cold-blooded persona inside the ring, which only intensifies his appeal.

His stoicism is often converted to moments of unintentional humor, endearing him to his fans. This unique blend of characteristics has garnered him a substantial following, with people from all walks of life drawn to the multifaceted personality that is Pereira.

The ex-UFC middleweight champion recently posted a video of himself cooking at a backyard barbecue. In this clip, he playfully imitated the renowned chef ‘Salt Bae‘ known for his unique salting technique, adding an element of fun to the occasion. Interestingly, keen-eyed fight enthusiasts observed that the fighter was dressed in his UFC attire throughout the video. Subsequently, an online post raised the observation that Pereira consistently wears UFC clothing and has rarely been spotted in regular attire.

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Fight fans react to Alex Pereira sporting UFC clothes while cooking

Alex Pereira is one of the top light heavyweights in the world and is expected to win the championship in the future. Currently, Pereira is scheduled to fight Jiri Procházka at UFC 295 for the vacant light heavyweight championship. 

Alex Pereira and Sean Strickland (Image Courtesy: UFC)
Alex Pereira knocks out Sean Strickland (Image Courtesy: UFC)

However, before that, fans were more focused on the fighter’s lack of dressing options. Here are some of the most notable reactions.

Many fans joked about Pereira spending all his money on other things, such as cars and bikes, because he doesn’t have enough to buy clothes. Others hilariously mentioned that the Brazilian is a proper company man and is always promoting UFC through his attire. Nevertheless, fans loved it and are expecting him to win at UFC 295 too.

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