“He better clean up!” Fans parade for Conor McGregor’s return at UFC 300 card as Dana White confirms paperwork for USADA re-entry

UFC CEO reaffirms the Irishman's effort to rejoin USADA anti-doping program. However, Dana White also said nothing else was planned in the ongoing process.

“He better clean up!” Fans parade for Conor McGregor’s return at UFC 300 card as Dana White confirms paperwork for USADA re-entry

Dana White; Conor McGregor (Source: IMAGO)

The return of the Irishman Conor McGregor has remained a hot topic within the promotion for a while now. McGregor has not fought since his crushing first-round TKO defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. McGregor and Michael Chandler competed against each other in this year’s The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 (TUF). A recent interview with Dana White led fans of the MMA world to rejoice with better news booming. He indicated that McGregor could be back next year.

I literally have nothing planned with Conor McGregor right now“, said CEO Dana White during a post-fight press event for UFC Vegas 80. “He has submitted the paperwork. Probably by Monday, it will be submitted. Again, don’t hold me to that but the paperwork is submitted…” assured White. The plans originally had Chandler facing McGregor at the end of this year. However, his absence from the testing pool led to the cancellation of the highly anticipated bout. McGregor confirmed that he had submitted samples for testing to USADA.

Mcgregor also took to social media to announce the news. On Instagram, he posted about the submission of paperwork to Jeff Novitzky. He is the UFC’s senior vice president of athlete health and performance. “The Notorious” has been the front face in promotional materials as of late as he and Chandler coached on Season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter. Chandler has expressed renewed interest in his return in a recent interview.

The fan sentiment, however, is running slim and dry with limited anticipation. Some have reacted with frustrated cynicism, while others with blatant disregard and disbelief. Re-entering the USADA drug testing pool allows McGregor to compete as soon as April 2024, which, to fans, is the best news.

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Fans react to possibility of Conor McGregor returning for UFC 300

Former two-time UFC champion Conor McGregor had given updates on re-entering the USADA testing pool. And the UFC CEO confirmed it, saying that the documents are submitted. With a possibility opening up for McGregor’s return in UFC 300, the fans are reacting vigorously to it, but not all are in good faith.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor (Source: Instagram)

Recently, he had also given updates on his training and re-entering the testing pool for eligibility. With the official confirmation from White himself, the keen and thirsty fans have gone sentimentally rogue with reactions. And all that followed were not welcome responses. Check out some of the fan reactions:

Having coached opposite him, McGregor is expected to meet Chandler upon his UFC return. He had also initiated talks of a bout against BMF champion Justin Gaethje. Gaethje stopped Poirier at UFC 291. With the blessing of White, however, Chandler has settled in as the endgame for now. Nevetheless, fans are excited for what is next.

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