“Hope Rakic’s knee always gives out”- Fans react to the freak injury that ended Aleksandar Rakic’s night at UFC Vegas 54

In a fight that saw top light heavyweights go head-to-head, Jan Blachowicz came out supreme in his fight against Aleksander Rakic after repeated investment to the leg. Fans react to the fight-ending injury and the future of the Light Heavyweight division

Jan Blachowicz vs Aleksandar Rakic
Fans had mixed reactions to the conclusion of the main event between Jan Blachowicz and Aleksandar Rakic

Aleksandar Rakic and Jan Blachowicz went head to head during the two rounds they fought at the UFC Vegas 54 main event. Jan relied on leg kicks and was pretty adept at checking any thrown at him, while Rakic decided to shift to his wrestling when none of his strikes against Jan seemed to hit the mark, with the former champion merely getting out the way of every shot thrown at him. When Rakic did score the takedown, Jan was offensive off his back going for a triangle armbar that Rakic managed to get out of quite easily but showed a leaps and bounds of difference from his last outing against Texiera

Jan Blachowicz vs Aleksander Rakic
Jan Clachowicz reigned supreme in his main event bout against Aleksander Rakic

Jan’s attacks on Aleksandar Rakic’s leg seemed to be reaping benefits as the Serb lost his balance and popped his knee during a light exchange between the two. Immediately crumbling to the ground, Rakic put up his guard, however, Jan did not go for any follow-up strikes and was quickly stopped by the referee putting an end to the action in the third round of their scheduled 5

Fans were divided in their opinion of the outcome, with many being happy for Jan to fall back into contention while many were upset for how the high-stakes Light heavyweight concluded.

Some were critical of Rakic’s reliance on point-style fighting whenever he seemed to have no answers to offense on the feet. Some others compared Rakic’s injury to athletes from other sports suffering a similar fate with their knee.

A fan pointed out how Blacowicz’s cut on the eye made him look like the God of Thunder, Thor when he lost his eye, however one can’t argue that even the God of Thunder can match the violence incarnate that is Jan Blachowicz

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Jan Blachowicz fans celebrate the Polish Star’s return to title contention after 3rd round finish over Aleksandar Rakic

Jan Blachowicz vs Aleksandar Rakic
After Jan repeatedly targeted Rakic’s legs, the Serb went down with a freak injury in R3 that led to a finish

Jan Blachowicz fans certainly rejoiced after the fighter solidified his #1 spot against a young and rising contender in Aleksander Rakic. The Champion Glover Texiera himself tweeting shortly before the fight, “Let’s go @JanBlachowicz Win tonight…and I’ll win Jun 11…then we run it back”

Jan Blachowicz vs Aleksander Rakic
Rakic landed a solid takedown on Blachowicz who was immediately able to transition into a submission

A fan justifiably pointed out that Jan’s repeated attacks on Rakic’s legs amounted to the conclusion of the fight and it shouldn’t be dismissed as a freak injury victory for the former champion

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