“Definition of a robbery” Fans react to Mateusz Gamrot’s controversial decision victory over Arman Tsarukyan at UFC Vegas 57

Fans react to yet another controversial judging call in a fight night main event

Mateusz Gamrot x Arman Tsarukyan
(Left) Tsarukyan and (right) Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot and Arman Tsarukyan put up a performance worthy of the apex, in a 5 round banger to close off UFC Vegas 57. However the problem when a fight goes all 5 rounds is that the fighters and fans are left at the mercy of the judges and we are reminded all over again how there is still no consensus on how to score a fight between the judges or the fans.

While Gamrot vs Tsarukyan was an engaging back and forth for all 5 rounds, the judges gave the unanimous decision victory to Gamrot which didn’t sit well with many fans. While quite a few agreed that Gamrot deserved the victory, it was the fact that all 5 rounds went to the polish fighter that many thought to be out of line.

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Fans react to the judging for Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot x Arman Tsarukyan
Gamrot and Tsarukyan went toe-to-toe in a 5 round affair full of striking and grappling exchanges

Fans were quick to vent out their frustrations on Twitter and many had insightful points to make. As always the scoring of this fight presented the eternal conflict of what to value more as a judge, control time or actual damage and one fan felt the judges were ready to turn their eyes away from the latter

Even Gamrot fans were astounded by the judge’s call, favoring Tsarukyan to win a majority of the rounds

One fan pointed how the constant body work and the spinning back fist knock down by Tsarukyan in round 4 should have all but sealed the round to his name, something the judges didn’t do

Again, Gamrot fans were stuck being the voice of reason in a fight where their guy was victorious

Many fans were confused as to how Arman’s activity in round 3 and 4 didn’t give him the upper hand on the score cards

Many were adamant in pointing out that the fourth round at the very least should have been a 10-9 in favour of Tsarukyan

Others opted to give their detailed breakdown of scoring for each round to reason a Tsarukyan victory

This fan had some unique insight on how the fighter can justify what may seem like a robbery through the technicalities of their performance.

Then there were the true neutrals who didn’t worry about the results but were instead thankful for two straight weekend of stacked fight night cards

After his victory, Gamrot expressed an interest in fighting top-ranked Lightweight, Justin Gaethje. Tsaukyan on the other hand has many prospectus opponents lined up despite a loss.

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