“Let this man walk away!” – Fans turn eyes to Dana White and blast UFC CEO for fumbling to keep Francis Ngannou in promotion after ugly rift

Dana White and Francis Ngannou had a strained relationship due to a failed contract negotiation. Ngannou's spectacular performance against Tyson Fury might not have sat well with the UFC CEO.

“Let this man walk away!” – Fans turn eyes to Dana White and blast UFC CEO for fumbling to keep Francis Ngannou in promotion after ugly rift

Fans troll Dana White after Francis Ngannou's performance against Tyson Fury (via X/IMAGO)

The Cameroonian star Francis Ngannou went toe to toe with the undefeated boxer Tyson Fury in the ring. Although the result didn’t go his way, Ngannou surprised everyone with his boxing skills. After this megafight with Fury happened, fans went online and trolled the UFC CEO Dana White for releasing Francis Ngannou. One fan could not believe that White let Ngannou walk away.

The UFC released Francis Ngannou in January, citing that both parties couldn’t agree on a convincing deal. As per Dana White, The UFC offered Ngannou a deal that would’ve made him the highest-paid heavyweight in UFC history. Yet, he declined, and fans were angry and disappointed at Ngannou for this decision. This led to fans calling Ngannou to say he had fumbled the bag. Now, the roles have reversed as Ngannou had made millions of dollars in a single night.

Francis Ngannou put on a stellar performance against Tyson Fury in the mega event of ‘The Battle of the Baddest.’ Although he lost the fight, it was a razor-close split decision. Also, Ngannou knocked down Tyson Fury with a left hook in the third round. Dana White must be shaken because once he brushed off this fight by calling it a ‘Gimick Fight’ and saying he wouldn’t make gimmick fights. However, Ngannou proved this was not a ‘Gimick Fight’ with his spectacular performance.

The UFC had fumbled in not keeping Francis Ngannou as he rose to a new level of superstardom. However, it resulted from a feud between Dana White and Ngannou. One could only imagine what would’ve been if they had worked it out. Now, Ngannou is looking forward to fighting in the PFL after signing a multi-million dollar with them.

Fans react to Francis Ngannou’s performance against Tyson Fury and troll Dana White for releasing him

After the magnificent performance from the MMA superstar Francis Ngannou against the boxing veteran Tyson Fury, fans praised him. Also, fans could not hold themself from trolling the UFC CEO Dana White. Earlier this year, he released Ngannou from the promotion due to a feud between them. He was the UFC heavyweight champion then.

Francis Ngannou (via UFC )

Here is how the fans reacted:

The fans reacted hilariously to the whole incident. In hindsight, Dana White might have really fumbled upon Francis Ngannou. Anyways, he is the CEO of the UFC and knows what’s best for the company. As for Francis, he is living his dream and making a lifetime’s worth of money. He once said that leaving the UFC was the best decision of his life.

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