Gentlemen with biggest di*k in this world gets a shoutout from Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan recently shared a funny edited picture from James Webb Space telescope.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan gets a laugh as he shares a fan-made meme of him. The James Webb space telescope is a wonderful creation of modern science which is primarily used for infrared astronomy. It is currently the largest and the most powerful telescope in space which is highly optimized to see objects of great distance. The infrared resolution of the James Webb space telescope is much higher than the Hubble space telescope.

The telescope has opened up new opportunities for the exploration and investigation of far-range objects. It has the potential to add several valuable pieces of information to the already vast fields of astronomy and cosmology. It was fully developed by NASA in the collaboration with

European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). The space telescope was launched on 25th December 2021 from Kourou, French Guiana. The first image received from the James Webb space telescope was made public on 11 July 2022 through a press conference.

Rogan is known for his curiosities regarding space, science, and extraterrestrial objects. He also has invited many scientists to his Spotify podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience‘ in which he generally talks about these matters to great lengths.

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“The best photo” – Fan makes an incredible meme of Joe Rogan made of stars in space

Joe Rogan x Tik Tok
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is an incredibly powerful individual with millions of followers all around the globe. Being the host of the most streamed podcast in the world, Rogan has become a household name between teens as well as millennials.

With all this popularity came a lot of controversies and with them came a lot of memes. Rogan has had a great experience with amazing memes that his fans make in order to share on the internet and have a laugh.

Recently, a fan made a meme that is nothing but a collection of stars shaped as the famous meme of “gentleman with the biggest di*k.” The meme also jokingly mentioned that the picture was captured by the James Webb space telescope. “This is the best photo from the James Webb Space Telescope.”

Joe Rogan has been a frequent follower of space research and discovery. The MMA commentator himself is a huge fan of the James Webb space telescope. Earlier he also posted about the discovery of the ‘Cartwheel Galaxy’ by the James Webb Space Telescope.

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