“Gonna stay here and fight”- Dana White reveals Jorge Masvidal is going to be with the UFC for the rest of his career

Dana White confirms Jorge Masvidal staying in the UFC for the rest of his career. Here is what he said.

Jorge Masvidal and Dana White
Jorge Masvidal and Dana White

UFC president Dana White confirms that Jorge Masvidal has signed a new contract and is not leaving the UFC anytime soon. 

Masvidal is one of the biggest draws in the current generations of fighters. Since his promotional debut in 2013, the ‘GameBred’ has successfully achieved an impressive resume with many victories. Masvidal has a huge fan base who likes and supports the fighter’s actions.

In the last few years, Jorge Masvidal has been part of huge pay-per-view events such as UFC 244, UFC 251, and UFC 261. His upcoming grudge fight against Colby Covington at UFC 272 is also predicted to be a massive PPV success. 

Dana White on Jorge Masvidal’s future in the UFC 

Dana White and Jorge Masvidal
Dana White and Jorge Masvidal

Dana White recently joined Micheal Eaves of ESPN MMA for an interview. In the interview, the president of UFC discussed the fight between Masvidal and Covington, upcoming pay-per-view events, fighter’s contracts, etc. 

During the conversation, Eaves asked White about the news regarding Masvidal’s new multi-fight contract with UFC. While reacting to this, White revealed that indeed it is true that Masvidal has signed a new contract with the promotion. White explained that Masvidal has shown interest in staying in UFC till the end of his professional career.

According to White even if Masvidal loses the fight with Covington at UFC 272, he will still be a part of UFC and will fight in the future. Because he is one of the best welterweights in the world of MMA. “Yeah, he did and he wants to be here for the rest of his career. So, he will be…yeah I mean he’s still gonna stay here and fight. He’s still one of the best in the world,” said Dana White. 

The 2021 campaign for UFC was tremendous and it was able to sell out huge pay-per-views regularly. Most of its success definitely goes to the top fighters in the promotion. The massive fan base these athletes have helps in generating extraordinary revenues for the promotion. 

In order to continue this rise, the UFC needs to hold its superstars with good contracts. The UFC has recently been very successful in doing so. The Middleweight champion and one of the biggest stars of the game, Israel Adesanya also signed a new multi-fight contract with UFC. This will directly help the promotion to achieve more success in the future. 

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