“He would never dare”- Jorge Masvidal dismisses the possibility of Colby Covington approaching him post-fight to squash beef

Jorge Masvidal said he wouldn't end his beef with Colby Covington even after their fight ends. Here is what he said

Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington
Jorge Masvidal & Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal doesn’t believe that Colby Covington and he will shake hands after their clash at UFC 272. The fight between Masvidal and Covington is something that many MMA fans have wanted for so long.

Their rivalry between these fighters is considered as one of the biggest in modern UFC. From being teammates to arch enemies, both share a huge history with each other. This weekend inside the T-Mobile Arena the world will experience the biggest grudge match-up of this era. 

Jorge Masvidal on a potential truce with Colby Covington

Colby Covington Jorge Masvidal ESPN
Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal recently appeared in the post-fight press conference of UFC 272 where he answered some questions from the media. During the session, Masvidal was asked if he expects Covington to possibly try to clear out the dispute after the fight is done. 

While responding to this, Masvidal revealed that something like that has no chance of taking place as both the fighters know each other completely. Masvidal expressed that Covington will not take any chance to get close to him where he can beat him again. Masvidal explained that he doesn’t have any respect for Covington as he trash-talked about his kids and religion.

“He knows me like through and through you know he would never dare to do that. He wouldn’t get any close to me in any circumstance or anything like that. He wouldn’t put himself at any chance where I can end his ass again. Especially because he’s talked about my kids…he does what he does. I can’t respect him in anyway shape or form,” said Masvidal.

It’s not impossible to expect Covington to forget everything and show respect to his opponents. In his last fight with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 268, the fighter had a conversation with Usman. In that conversation, Covington said the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ that the whole trash talking was just for selling the pay-per-view and nothing else. But something like that might not take place between Masvidal and Covington as unlike other rivalries this is extremely real and dangerous.

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