“He’s not the best in the world”- Henry Cejudo makes tough claims about Aljamain Sterling right on his face

Daniel Cormier acts as a mediator and uploads the conversation to his YouTube account as Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo discuss their abilities.

Aljamain Sterling , Daniel Cormier & Henry Cejudo
Aljamain Sterling , Daniel Cormier & Henry Cejudo

Since his retirement at UFC 249, Henry Cejudo has been talking to a number of potential opponents about future fights. Fighters ranging in weight from flyweight to lightweight have been singled out by him. He is eager to return, as seen by the ferocity with which he communicates that desire.

Henry Cejudo recently claimed that he will only fight again if a championship title is on the line. On The Triple C and Schmo Show, he said the following: “I’m only going to fight in this manner. You know, I’m not going to fight any other way.”

Aljamain Sterling is ecstatic with his triumph against Petr Yan and is quite active on Twitter, where he frequently trolls his detractors and competitors.

He has accepted responsibility for his actions and is actively engaging in the investigation. [email protected] who TF have you beaten that is soOoOoo much harder than the folks I’ve faced?” he tweeted recently. It’s Comedy Central here. You should join @HenryCejudo in doing stand-up. After he sonned your needled ass, he’s your daddy.”

 Henry repliedI hate it when my 2 kids argue over Twitter.  You guys should form a Tag-Team called Needle Dick.”

“Brother, if you’re not going to come back and fight, then just do the MMA world a favour and STFU immediately,” Aljamain said after the two went back and forth. Grow up, you’re a father now.”

That was harsh, but it was accurate. Henry has been sitting around doing nothing. Dana White, the company’s president, has stated unequivocally that spewing trash online will not get him into fights. Henry must return to MMA without any restrictions, as this will only delay his return. Fans can enjoy the struggle between these two until then.

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“I like proving people wrong”- Aljamain Sterling vows to make Henry Cejudo eat his own words in a possible fight

Henry Cejudo x Aljamain Sterling
Henry Cejudo has expressed his willingness to regain his bantamweight title from Aljamain Sterling

Soon-to-be UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier hosted a sit-down interview with the two at Cejudo’s house in Phoenix at UFC 274 this past weekend and uploaded the same on his Youtube channel.

In the interview, they both exchanged comments which were worthy to be reflected upon. Cejudo stated to Sterling “He’s got a lot of flaws. He’s got an ability to him, and I think that is his greatest asset. His limbs. … I think he’s easy money. … He’s got the belt, but he’s not the best in the world.”

While Sterling mentioned he likes the fact that he might be the underdog going into the bout as he loves proving people wrong, He stated, I like proving people wrong. It’s satisfying. There’s something very satisfying about talking your sh*t, then being the guy walks away like, ‘How bout that?’”

No doubt the fight between these two would be a treat for the fans. Their skillset matches up well together. Furthermore, both are legends of the bantamweight division. One is a champion, other is a former champion. The fight would be highly competitive and their back and forth in the interview is evident that the two wouldn’t give each other any mercy inside or outside the octagon. 

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