“There’s respect BUT-” Henry Cejudo reveals what STOPS Alexander Volkanovski to fight him to defend the featherweight crown

“There’s respect BUT-” Henry Cejudo reveals what STOPS Alexander Volkanovski to fight him to defend the featherweight crown

Alexander Volkanovski- Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo is excited to someday share the octagon with Alexander Volkanovski but is not sure if the latter wants it. Cejudo is an Olympic champion who is the third UFC fighter in history to become a simultaneous 2-division UFC champion. Cejudo retired from the sport of MMA back in 2020 after becoming the first person to knock out Dominick Cruz at UFC 249, the first numbered PPV event during the Covid pandemic.

Cejudo is now a successful Youtuber, a wrestling coach and a podcaster. However, Cejudo is planning to come out of retirement to add a third divisional UFC belt to his legacy by someday defeating the current UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski, who is also the #1 P4P fighter in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings. Volkanovski is the man to have defeated Max Holloway thrice, defeated Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, The Korean Zombie, Brian Ortega and many more.

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Henry Cejudo thinks that Alexander Volkanovski doesn’t want to lose to someone who ‘talks a lot of sh*t’

Alexander Volkanovski vs Henry Cejudo
Alexander Volkanovski vs Henry Cejudo

In an interview with Chael Sonnen on Cejudo’s channel, Cejudo talks about Conor McGregor’s recent training footage, his seriousness in getting back to fighting, and his take on the UFC 276 trilogy between Max Holloway and Alexander Volkanovski and much more. In the midst of all, Cejudo also talks about having met Volkanovski at UFC 276 and how did the conversation go, considering Cejudo is aiming to fight Volkanovski at some point in time after his return.

“Deep down I think this dude respects me, I know he does,” says Cejudo “But I also feel like there’s a little bit of fear in him to lose to somebody that talks a lot of sh*t… I think I am the last opponent that Volkanovski really wants to take a chance with…” continues Cejudo.

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What do you make of Cejudo sensing fear out of Volkanovski? Who do you think wins the fight if they ever get inside the Octagon? Volkanovski is definitely in the prime time of his career and when Cejudo left the sport, he was also on the top. Now, Cejudos is nearing a 3-year layoff, he has a huge chip on his shoulder to show the world that he is still as intensely competitive as he was before announcing his retirement back in 2020.

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