How much does Joe Rogan make per episode of The Joe Rogan Experience?

Take a look at how much Joe Rogan makes through his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

How much does Joe Rogan make per episode of The Joe Rogan Experience?

Joe Rogan (Image Courtesy - Yahoo News SIngapore)

Joe Rogan has multiple sources of income but “The Joe Rogan Experience” is undoubtedly his most profitable venture. Rogan has been with the UFC since the late 90s and has been responsible for making the show more exciting and engaging with his commentary.

Rogan has also hosted many other TV shows like the “Fear Factor” which led to his popularity beyond the UFC. In 2009, the former ‘Fear Factor’ host began his podcast, which has become one of the most listened-to podcasts on the planet.


The Joe Rogan Experience became very popular on YouTube in 2015. Forbes estimated Joe Rogan’s podcast earnings at $30 million in 2019. Also, his podcast was downloaded more than 190 million times every month. Initially, he dropped his podcast on Ustream. Ari Shaffir, a well-known comedian, served as the show’s debut host in January 2010.

After launching the podcast for four months, Fleshlight, a well-known manufacturer of sex toys, began to sponsor it. However, the sponsorship ceased in 2012. The podcast was transferred to YouTube in 2013. In 2020 Rogan moved his podcast exclusively to Spotify. Rogan reportedly earns about $100,000 for each podcast episode he puts out, this consists of brand deals and the amount Spotify pays him (Source – Wealthy Gorilla)

How much does Spotify pay Joe Rogan per episode?

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most enjoyable Podcasts in current times. The 54-year-old is renowned for making his guests feel at ease and encouraging open communication on his podcast. He has hosted a wide variety of guests on his show including actors, comedians, athletes, and politicians. Some of the most well-known personalities have appeared on the program as guests, including Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Alex Jones, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Robert Downey Jr. 

Joe Rogan [Image Courtesy - WIRED]
Joe Rogan [Image Courtesy – WIRED]

Earlier in 2022, The Joe’s podcast “The Rogan Experience” had been exclusively licensed to Spotify for three and a half years, with a $200 million payment. Rogan could conceivably make $75,000 per episode according to the deal. (Source – Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

The podcast has only been available on Spotify since December 2020, and some of its highlights have been posted on YouTube. In 2022, the Joe Rogan Experience became the most streamed Podcast on Spotify. The UFC commentator still generates revenue from his YouTube channels and sponsors. All of this undoubtedly makes Rogan the highest-paid podcaster on the Planet.

Joe Rogan and his new Spotify deal worth $250 million

Spotify renewed its deal for the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ in February 2024. The renewed deal is reportedly worth $250 million. Moreover, the show, which was exclusively on Spotify for three years will now be available on other audio platforms, including YouTube.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan (Via UFC)

This new strategy was made in favor of a wider distribution of the podcast over exclusivity. The distribution and ad sales will be handled by Spotify, and Rogan will receive a guaranteed minimum fee plus ad revenue. The renewed deal is no surprise since JRE has been the number-one streaming podcast around the globe for the past three years.

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