Israel Adesanya’s TAUNTING tweet about TRANSRACIAL people faces backlash from netizens

Israel Adesanya continues to be weird as he shares a new clip on his official Twitter account.

Israel Adesanya


Israel Adesanya, the UFC middleweight champion is arguably one of the most popular fighters on the current UFC roster. The Nigerian is the #2 pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC and has dominated the middleweight division in the last few years. Since he became the champion in 2019, Izzy has successfully defended his title on five different occasions. Izzy is considered to be one of the most dynamic strikers in UFC and has a huge fanbade due to his striking and knockout ability.

However, this has changed a lot lately as the fighter has adapted a rather defensive way to defend his title. This resulted in fans calling out Izzy for being a boring fighter. On top of that, Izzy’s trash talking has not been welcomed by the fight fans too. Izzy is currently being labelled as ‘cringe’ and weird by netizens. Recently, Izzy shared a clip of a white man in the airport queue wearing a black outfit with a huge penis on his official Twitter handle. Almost identifying as a black person, which is called ‘transracial’.


transracial everyone’s doing it,” wrote Adesanya in the caption.

As expected Izzy was called out by his followers and one user wrote:

“Why do you always post weird shit”.

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Israel Adesanya’s recent change in his behaviour has put his fans in a dilemma

Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya used to be one of the most liked fighters but the fighter went through a slightly different character arc last year. Adesanya is a passionate person and likes to talk about fights, his opponents and MMA in a very detailed manner.

In many of his verbal altercations with others, the fighter has used some punch lines which according to many missed their mark. After winning his last title defence, the middleweight champion accepted to fight Alex Pereira. “The first time I had you on skates, next time I’ll have you Frozen, like Elsa,” said Adesanya in the post-fight interview. After this comment, Izzy was ridiculed on the internet and many fans called this line extremely cringe. Many of his fans stated that they are out of ways to support Adesanya.

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Nevertheless, Adesanya is currently on a road to achieve vengeance after losing twice to his arch nemesis Alex Pereira. The fighter has the opportunity to change everything at UFC 281 by knocking out Pereira and defending his belt once again.

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