“Sponsor an athlete fool,” Joaquin Buckley riled up at Logan Paul for recent PRIME collaboration with UFC

Knockout artist Joaquin Buckley wants Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration to sponsor fighters of the UFC after a knockout victory at UFC Vegas 73

“Sponsor an athlete fool,” Joaquin Buckley riled up at Logan Paul for recent PRIME collaboration with UFC

Joaquin Buckley wants Logan Paul's PRIME Hydration to sponsor UFC fighters (Image Courtesy - Daily Mail/MMA Mania)

Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration partnered with the UFC to become its global sports drink. Prime debuted at UFC 284, where Islam Makhachev defended his title against Alexander Volkanovski. It has been three months since the partnership began, but one fighter is unhappy about the whole situation. After defeating Andre Fialho at UFC Vegas 73, Joaquin Buckley called out Logan Paul for not sponsoring a UFC fighter.

Buckley knocked out Fialho to win his sixth UFC fight. Michael Bisping interviewed Buckely after his victory. During the final seconds of the interview, Buckley called out Paul to sponsor individual athletes on the UFC roster. He said, “Logan Paul! You got Prime sh*t all over the place. Sponsor an athlete from the UFC, fool, come on!

Logan Paul has yet to respond to the call-out. There is only a bleak chance that Paul entertains the idea of sponsoring an athlete from the UFC. The PRIME Hydration business is booming. After partnering with the UFC, they are slowly becoming a famous global brand. Logan’s friendship with Dana White led White to part ways with BodyArmor. BodyArmor served as the UFC’s sports drink from 2017-23.

Joaquin Buckley performed well against Fialho. He used his wrestling to mix up his fight game and caught Fialho off-guard. Buckley landed a left high kick to knock Fialho out cold. He took advantage of Fialho’s lowered hand stance to land the head kick knockout. Buckley moved down to welterweight for the fight, and it appears to be the perfect move for the knockout artist.

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Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration nabs a UFC record

Logan Paul KSI PRIME Hydration
KSI and Logan Paul promoting PRIME Hydration (Image Courtesy – Men’s Health)

PRIME Hydration took the world by storm, giving immense competition to brands like Gatorade. Logan and KSI are some of the most popular names on the internet. They used their popularity to market their Prime Hydration drinks. At UFC Vegas 73, Prime Hydration nabbed a record in the UFC.

Logan Paul went on Twitter to share the good news about PRIME drinks in the UFC. He wrote, “Tonight, PRIME became the first hydration drink ever to be allowed in the octagon for combat @UFC.” Currently, it is the most selling product on the planet.

After deciding not to renew its deal with BodyArmor, UFC partnered with PRIME Hydration. BodyArmor and the UFC partnered for almost six years, from 2017-23. Dana White had a good friendship with Logan Paul and decided to strike a deal with the UFC to market their product better.

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