Watch: Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulz talk about ‘TOXIC MASCULINITY’ saviour Andrew Tate

Watch: Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulz talk about ‘TOXIC MASCULINITY’ saviour Andrew Tate

Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulz talks about Andrew Tate

In recent times Joe Rogan has become a very controversial figure in the media. However, his podcast is still the most famouspodcast and is listened to by millions in the world. Everything that Rogan does and say makes headlines. Although he isn’t afraid to convey his viewpoints on inflammable matters.


However, as a comedian, The former fear factor host has sometimes some really funny takes on certain things. In an episode with fellow comic Andrew Schulz, they discussed a lot of things including some really infamous and controversial stuff in the most hilarious way. The former fear factor host went on to praise Andrew Tate for his masculinity and elaborated on why we need men like him.

Joe Rogan hosts a podcast ‘The JRE’ which is exclusively available on Spotify. The podcasts feature a long spectrum of guests from comics to politicians to actors. The former fear factor host not only invites someone who has the same views as him but even those who have different opinions than him.

Tate is always in some controversies these days with his comments about burning issues. He is also infamous for his polarizing views on Masculinity. After a successful kickboxing record, Tate has segued into becoming a social media sensation.


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Joe Rogan praises Andrew Tate on the JRE Podcast

Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulz

In a recent instalment of the JRE podcast, The comedian talks about the evolution of dogs which turns into a conversation on toxic femininity. Schulz and Rogan also discuss a lot of other things including, the First nut syndrome, the Dave Chapelle controversy as well as the comedian’s new comedy special.

Joe went on to discuss about his dog and its evolution which then turned into a conversation about toxic feminity which then turned into the former Kickboxer. However, The former fear factor host had some good words for the former kickboxer on his masculinity. He also stated that it is apparently rare in today’s society.

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The former fear factor host stated referring to his pet dog Marshall, “Like if you’ve ever seen a dog and a wolf. It’s just thousands of years of breeding. My dog Marshall. Sweetest f*king animal that’s ever existed. But he is an ancestor of a wolf. They turned him into this thing through thousands of years of breeding. Just like they’re trying to do to men.”

This statement made the guest Schulz laugh and then he interrupted by asking a very rhetorical question, “Where’s Andrew Tate when you need him?”

The former fear factor host replied, “It’s through toxic femininity shot or masculinity. It’s like oh you mean the men who carved the world. You just don’t think you need them because you don’t need them right now and then Russia has them and China is making them more masculine,

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