“Less training and less funding”- Joe Rogan blamed the Uvalde cops’ slow response on the Defund the Police movement

Tim Kennedy blamed the Defund the Police campaign for the Uvalde cop's tardy response in Joe Rogan's encounter, read more:-

Joe rogan & Uvalde cops

Joe Rogan, the host of the popular “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, had on fighter Tim Kennedy, who blamed rising crime rates and recent mass shootings, such as the one in Uvalde, Texas, on the demonization of law police and the “Defund the Police” movement. State officials and the general public are under examination and criticizing certain first responders for what they perceived to be a slow response last week to the bloodiest school massacre in Texas history.

The Justice Department stated on Sunday that it is investigating the police response time to the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, which killed 19 students and two teachers in one of the country’s bloodiest school shootings. According to Texas Department of Public Safety Chief Steven McCraw, the on-scene commander, the local school district’s police chief, waited for reinforcements because he believed the gunman posed no further threat, a choice that may have resulted in more young lives being lost.

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“We’ve been emasculating the law enforcement for a while”- Joe Rogan discusses policy failures in the past ‘Defund the Police movement’

Joe Rogan

On Thursday, Tim Kennedy joined on the show to promote his new book “Scars and Stripes”. Their discussion eventually led to the Texas school shooting and the police’s failure to act quickly enough. The conversation embarked when Joe stated, “An argument that’s, like, missing about the police is that the police don’t train the way special operations train, but yet they’re involved in combat scenarios on a regular basis”

Kennedy profoundly responded by stating, “So what we’re experiencing right now is a byproduct of what society’s forced the police to become, you know, they’re demonizing military training for law enforcement and, then, obviously, we just experienced Defund the Police. And nearly every large city has seen a crazy rise in crime. And the ones that these large cities that defunded their police to include Austin, you know, we’ve never seen homicides like this.”

He inferred that it was absurd to believe that “less training and less budget” for police would result in better overall policing. Then [we’re] going to disarm the individuals they’re defending. As a result, the rescuers are inexperienced and unprepared. It’s the one who’s causing this disaster.

When asked about why is status quo the way it is by Rogan, he stated, “I think it’s ignorance. I think the first thing is society, culture right now, we’ve been emasculating the law enforcement for a while.”He further touched upon the mental health of the office, he further added, “We have been weakening them and we have been making them ill-equipped to respond to that. And then I think Uvalde is a great example of not properly trained, with broken systems, that are not ready to do the right thing. We will have more of that unless we get them the right training and we get our schools to become hard targets. 

He came to a conclusion by saying we will never be able to fix it unless we do those things. Since “defund the cops” has become a rallying cry, crime rates have skyrocketed. It’s no coincidence that cities with cut police expenditures have witnessed a significant surge in violent crime.

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