“Shoot them in the f**** head” – Joe Rogan goes on a rant about crocodiles coexisting with humans

Joe Rogan isn't fancied by crocodile living in the same environment as humans.

Joe Rogan rants about crocodile
Joe Rogan rants about crocodile

Joe Rogan in one of his podcasts with Dave Attel was discussing alligators and how they prey on humans. Rogan shared a story about how he saw a clip of a crocodile floating around with a half-eaten human in his mouth. He then questioned why humans are okay with the fact that there are crocodiles out there who can kill them. According to Rogan, humans should do something about this threat, killing the crocodiles and making shoes out of their skin is a good idea.

The UFC commentator said: “We accept the fact that monsters live near us. That we are cool with that like why we cool with that. The f*** is wrong with us. I don’t think we should keep those things around. Everybody thinks we should keep them around, I think shoot them in the f* head and turn them into shoes. You are out of your f* mind those things eat people.”

As expected Rogan was clearly fooling around and was joking about killing them. He also confirmed that he doesn’t promote the killing of animals, however, the podcaster is shocked by the fact that humans are so casual about it.

“I’m not advocating, honestly I’m joking. I’m not advocating for the elimination of all crocodiles but the fact that people are like really comfortable being around them it blows my mind,” said Rogan.

While Rogan’s concerns are a little overboard, they are not entirely false. Crocodile attacks are extremely common and in many cases, they result in fatality.

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Joe Rogan sheds light on Crocodile attacks all around the world

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Cases of crocodile attacks on humans are mostly noticed where both the species live very closely. There are many places where crocodiles come very close to human civilization. South Africa, North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia are some of the most common places where such incidents have occurred in the past.

As Joe Rogan mentioned, in the US, places near South Carolina, and Florida are infamous for alligator attacks. In 2022, there were two such cases of fatal alligator attacks in South Carolina. Similarly, Florida also has reported two attacks. Other than death cases there are thousands of cases where people have reported getting bitten and hopefully surviving alligator attacks.

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In order to prevent such cases, there is nothing much that the authorities can do. These water bodies are the natural habitat of the alligators so relocating them to anywhere else is not possible. The only available solution is to set caution boards and spread awareness.

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