“Guys were monkeying around with the scale”- Joe Rogan offers his take on UFC 274’s scale controversy

Joe Rogan believes what happened with Charles Oliveira at UFC 274 was extremely unfortunate, and with proper arrangements, it could've been easily avoided.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan talks about UFC 274! The UFC 274 was a rollercoaster ride. The event was star-packed and was guaranteed to give endless entertainment to fans all across the world. However, the drama that followed was even crazy. Charles Oliveira was all set to defend his belt against Justin Gaethje at the main event of UFC 274, but as soon as he stepped on the official weighing scale, everything changed.

The weight limit for the lightweight title fight was 155 and, according to the current rules, a one-pound allowance was not permitted in a title bout. Justin Gaethje stepped on the weighing scale on Friday and was at 155. However, Oliveira was last on the weighing scale, and he came in at 155.5 on his first attempt. Oliveira was given one hour to shed his weight but he still weighs the same on his second and final attempt.

Oliveria was then stripped of his lightweight title, and the title was to remain vacant if he won the fight. Olivera won against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274 in the first round itself and showed why he is one of the best lightweights in the world.

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Jon Anik- Joe Rogan- Daniel Cormier
Jon Anik- Joe Rogan- Daniel Cormier

Many fighters claimed that the scale present in the athlete hotel was inaccurate, and it confused Oliveira and his team. Joe Rogan was there during the event, and he provided his honest assessment of the situation during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, “He’s a very, very nice guy, and he got screwed in his last fight. There was some shenanigans with the scale. Some people had messed with the scale. Here’s a problem with these digital scales: Foreign fighters, they use kilograms and in America, obviously we use pounds.”

Rogan added, “Now the UFC has a new policy because of this, where they have a guard who watches over the scale 24 hours a day. Like, they have shifts where no one can f*ck with the scale. If you’re gonna get on that scale to try yourself, they’re gonna watch you like a hawk, and you don’t press any buttons. You just get on, what’s your weight, get off. That’s it. These guys were monkeying around with the scale.”

“It’s Phoenix. That’s what it is, and it’s not a knock on Phoenix. I love Phoenix. It’s just that the people that are there don’t do high-level world championship MMA fights on a regular basis. They do a few. We’ve had a good time there. They’ve had some good events there, but they just made a mistake. They’ll let these guys do it. There should have been someone watching the scale, and the scale was off, and that’s a fact,” Rogan concluded.

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