“Biggest threat to Democracy” Joe Rogan reveals why he refuses to have 45th President Donald Trump on his podcast.

Find out the reason why 45 never appeared on the JRE

Joe Rogan reveals why he won't have Trump on his podcast

Joe Rogan has one of the most influential platforms in all of America. While earlier this platform was used to promote mixed martial arts and outlandish alien conspiracy theories with an occasional sprinkling of drug talks, recently the show has gained a much wider reputation for being a controversial political podcast. However seems like Donald Trump was a step too far, even for Rogan to get onto his podcast.

Recently while talking to Lex Friedman on his podcast, Joe would reveal that he was in fact contacted by the former president’s team on multiple occasions, offers that he constantly refused. While he has had politicians and presidential candidates on his show in the past, most notably Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont, it seems that there are more fundamental reasons for Joe to not engage with the former president.

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Joe Rogan explains why he won’t have Donald Trump on the JRE

Trump at a UFC event alongside Dana White

While talking to Lex Friedman, Rogan said, “The Trump era is also going to be one of the weirder times, when people look back at this history of division in this country. He’s such a polarizing figure , “ revealing how he felt that people were ready to compromise with their own moral to attack Trump as “He’s an existential threat to democracy itself”

“I am not a Trump supporter in any way shape or form, I’ve had the opportunity to have him on my show many times and I’ve said no, every time, I don’t wanna help him, I’m not interested in helping him” said Rogan as he laid some criticism on the current President Biden for being too absent-minded in his view.

Anothe reason he doesn’t want to have Trump is that he feels the conversation won’t be genuine. “I don’t think I can get him to open up, I think it will be a performance,” said Rogan expressing how he feels that the conversation could either just be monotonous or go completely off the rails. He believes the fact that Trump doesn’t consume alcohol or drugs would not allow him to loosen up in that environment

Trump came out in defense of Rogan earlier this year when clips of him using racial slurs in past episodes before the spotify deal, surfaced on the internet. Trump said he feels that Rogan shouldn’t be apologizing constantly for something he already apologized for.

The two have also met during UFC 244 and 264 when Trump attended the events in person. The former president’s team is yet to come out with statement regarding Joe’s refusal to have him on the show.

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