WATCH: Joe Rogan’s MONSTROUS smelling salts makes podcast guest rush out of room in discomfort

Joe Rogan and guest Bryan Simpson's Smelling Salts experiment on the podcast results in amusing reactions.

WATCH: Joe Rogan’s MONSTROUS smelling salts makes podcast guest rush out of room in discomfort

Joe Rogan and Bryan Simpson taste smelly Salt (Image via YouTube/JRE)

Joe Rogan is no stranger to outrageous feats. After all, Rogan was the host of the American edition of ‘Fear Factor’ for 6 years from 2001 to 2006. Recently, when Bryan Simpson appeared as the guest on the podcast, Rogan did something similar.

Rogan and Simpson took turns putting Smelling Salts on their nose. The two initially drank alcohol and it smelled bad. Jamie Vernon, the producer of Joe Rogan Experience suggested Smelling Salts to relieve the bad smell of the alcohol. Rogan had Smelling Salts which were a gift from fellow comedian, Theo Von.


Rogan was the first to smell it. He showed displeasure even when he ripped off the cover. Moreover, when he opened the bottle and smelled it, he was even more in discomfort. Bryan Simpson did not understand the discomfort. However, when he smelled it, he immediately ran off from the seat. Rogan then clarified that Powerlifters use it before they lift weights.

Rogan has seen worse things than Smelling Salts in the UFC. UFC heavyweight fighter, Tai Tuivasa drinks bears from shoes after his victories. It is a common practice in Australia where Tuivasa is from. Shoey is the name of the practice. Tuivasa did it after the victories at UFC 264, UFC 269, and UFC 271 when he knocked out Greg Hardy, Augusto Sakai, and Derrick Lewis respectively. All three wins won him a Performance Bonus.

Joe Rogan calls Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer of all time

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a recent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. During the podcast, Rogan and Johnson talked about a wide variety of things. One of the topics of discussion was about the greatest boxer of all time.

Muhammed Ali
Muhammed Ali (Image Courtesy –

Rogan credits the title to Muhammad Ali. The Rock also agreed with Rogan’s opinion. The Rock even shared a story of meeting Ali when he was 5 years old in New Zealand. Nevertheless, this is what Rogan said about Ali.

There was never a heavyweight like him before. There was no one like him, and no one knew what to do.

Rogan believes that the best version of Ali was before the draft refusal. Moreover, he said that the best version of Ali was when he fought Cleveland “Big Cat” Williams. Interestingly, Ali’s grandson, Biaggio Ali-Walsh is an amateur MMA fighter. Ali-Walsh, the son of Rashed Ali and Robert Wash, is presently signed with the PFL where he is undefeated. Overall, he has a 6-1 record in amateur MMA.

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