“Sounds Good To Me” Jorge Masvidal accepts Gilbert Burns’ call out to step in the cage with him

Jorge Masvidal has responded to Gilbert Burns callout and has verbally agreed to the fight

Gilbert Burns x Jorge Masvidal
Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal have verbally agreed to face off in the octagon

Jorge Masvidal has been the first fighter to respond to Gilbert Burs’ callout in the past few weeks. Burns has been looking to bounce back from his decision loss to Chimaev at UFC 273 and has called everyone from Nate Diaz to Dustin Poirier. It seems that he may have finally found his dance partner in Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal will focus on his wrestling following a one-sided loss to Gilbert Burns

Masvidal has previously stated that he needs to go back and work on his wrestling after a very poor performance on the ground against his fierce rival, Colby Covington. Burns is a solid grappler who is more active on the ground than Covington is, meaning he actively looks for finishes.

Masvidal retweeted a call out from Burns, saying “Sounds good to me, let’s see.” the lack of assurance on Jorge’s part may be due to multiple reasons from having enough to train/relax but most speculate it to be a cause of his latest and ongoing trial in “Papi steak incident” between himself and Covington. Jorge’s team of lawyers released a series of pictures detailing the injuries sustained by Covington a noticeable one being his chipped incisor or frontal tooth.

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Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal are medically clear to fight

Gilbert Burns
Gilbert Burns is medically cleared and looking to bounce back from his loss at UFC 273

Gilbert is ready to jump back in action, despite having a 3-round barn burner against Khamzat Chimaev in late April. The Brazillian did not incur any medical suspension while his opponent Khamzat has been suspended for 30 days. Burns also took shots at calling out Nate Diaz who is on the final fight of his UFC contract. Nate has yet to respond to Gilbert but the UFC may have other plans for the Stockton native as an accidental leak shows.

The fight between Gilbert and Jorge will decide who gets to stay in the title contention picture. Although Jorge is in a much more precarious state having lost his last 3 fights, Gilbert wants to make it as a contender before it gets too crowded at the top

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