“Safe to say he will not be doing anything athletic” – UFC star Jorge Masvidal’s physique in latest footage has MMA fans worried

Jorge Masvidal's physique has changed a lot since his retirement. He was recently seen at Power Slap 6.

“Safe to say he will not be doing anything athletic” – UFC star Jorge Masvidal’s physique in latest footage has MMA fans worried

Jorge Masvidal has physically changed when he was spotted at Power Slap 6 (via X/Imago)

This weekend has been electric in Las Vegas, with many celebrities coming to watch the Super Bowl LVIII. Also, as other attractions, Dana White’s Power Slap and UFC had their own events. Power Slap 6, especially, managed to garner a lot of popular faces, including UFC fighters, musicians, NFL stars, and internet personalities. As such, MMA star Jorge Masvidal was spotted at the event. To everyone’s surprise, his physique has changed a lot.

In a recent video spreading on X, Jorge Madvidal crossed paths with internet streamer Vitaly Zdorovetskiy at the Power Slap 6. As such, ‘Gamebred’ looked bulky and off-shape, shocking the fight fans. Also, his apparel didn’t help him much from giving a stocky outlook.


The star-studded Power Slap 6 successfully went down at the Durango Casino and Resorts. Jorge Masvidal enjoyed the show alongside his UFC mates Sean Strickland and Donald Cerone. Speaking of Strickland, he could’ve caused a chaotic situation in the crowd as he confronted Machine Gun Kelly for a bride moment.

Jorge Masvidal retired from professional fighting after his last bout with Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. As such, the retirement life has taken over ‘Gamebred,’ making him a bit portly. Recently, he has changed his mind and announced coming back from retirement. As such, rumors had he was to face Nate Diaz in a boxing bout this March. But no official announcements have come out.

Fans react to Jorge Masvidal’s recent physique

Jorge Masvidal is a huge star among the fighting community. He has always maintained a good physique and an athletic nature. But, his recent appearance at the Power Slap 6 event exposed his off-shape body. ‘Gamebred’ has seemingly gained a lot of weight since his retirement. He was last seen inside the octagon in April 2023.

Fans react to Jorge Masvidal's current physique
Fans react to Jorge Masvidal’s current physique (via X/Forbes)

This revelation of Jorge Masival’s physique took fight fans by surprise. As such, they reacted to it on X. Here are some interesting fan reactions:

Fight fans were shocked to see Jorge Masvidal’s appearance. They reasoned it to Gamebred’s retirement from fighting. Also, a few made hilarious jokes about it. Nonetheless, Masvidal had ‘unretired’ himself and looked forward to competing in some form of combat sports. As such, he is expected to fight Nate Diaz in a boxing match.

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