Li Jingliang secures a sensational knockout over Muslim Salikhov at UFC Long Island

Li Jingliang secures a sensational knockout over Muslim Salikhov at UFC Long Island

Li secured a victory over his idol, Salikhov

Li Jingliang and Muslim Salikhov are two of the most exciting fighters in the Welterweight division. Both Li and Salikhov are very accomplished fighters and are looking for a way to gain a crack at the coveted title. A win for either could shake up things in the welterweight division.

Salikhov is an immensely decorated combat athlete, having 199 kickboxing fights to his name, an olympic gold medal and a Master of Sport honor in his home country of Russia. On a five-fight win-streak, the 38 year old looks to make the best out of it, aiming for a ranked contender in Li. Li has had a rough few months. Always considered a credible threat to anyone in the division, it all came crumbling when Khamzat Chiamev made him look like an amatuer, choking him out in the first round. As Khamzat intensifies his title campaign, Li aims to bounce back from that loss and establish back his reputation at 170.

Both fighters have capable power in their hands, and it should guarantee to be a fight that delivers on all ends.

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Li Jingliang secures a brutal KO over Muslim Salikhov

Li Jingliang x Muslim Salikhov
Li managed to bounce back from his loss to Khamzat Chimaev in dominant fashion

Round 1

Salikhov lands the first strike after 30 seconds of feeling out, with a spinning head kick. Salikhov stays out of range and moves in with leaping jabs. Salikhov swings another spinning kick, that barely misses Li’s body. Salikhov capitalizes on a leg kick attempt by Li, taking him down, and pressing down on Li’s neck with his elbow. Salikhov eventually lets Li back up with 2 minutes left on the clock. Salikhov momentarily lands a spinning body kick. Another spinning kick lands on Li and pushes him back. Jingliang seems to swing his punches too much for someone facing an accomplished kickboxer.

Round 2

Li looks crisp as he moves around, he throws a high kick that is caught by Salikhov who lands a clean right hook on the break. Li throws heavy jabs at Salikhov although the Russian simply rolls with them. Li moves in trying to add up his leg kicks but Salikhov is smart enough to check them. Salikhov goes for a spinning back fist but Li Jingliang manages to duck down and even score a takedown on the Russian. Salikhov gets back up to his feet and the two exchange heavy jabs.

Li shows better defence in this round. Li manages to land a heavy straight right on Salikhov that shakes him up visibly, The Leech pressures further as Salikhov goes off to the other side of the octagon and initiates the clinch. Li continues pressuring and lands another heavy right that puts down Salikhov, after few groudn strikes, the referee steps in and stops it

Official Decision : Li Jingliang TKO’s Muslim Salikhov in Round 2

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