“Pay it up”- Luke Rockhold urges the UFC to pay their megastars like Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou appropriately

Luke Rockhold discusses fighter pay and Jon Jones's future move to heavyweight

Luke Rockhold x Jon Jones x Francis Ngannou
Despite their differences Rockhold Believes Jones deserves the highest paycheck possible

Recently former middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold has been much more open about his feelings for the UFC, and the way they run things. Before his scheduled bout against Paulo Costa takes place, the fighter has been trying his very best to promote his return or more accurately a homecoming to middleweight.

During one such instance, Rockhold recently talked with Helen Yee after the former Champion was done with a session of pickleball. In the interview, Rockhold discussed a variety of topics ranging from his upcoming fight against Costa to his planned training session with AKA teammate and now Hall Of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Rockhold was his usual awkward self, mumbling out the answers to everything Yee asked and it was in this situation when he was asked about Jon Jones and his future move up to heavyweight. Rockhold had himself expressed interest in facing the former Light Heavyweight champion during his brief stint at Light Heavyweight even calling jones “Fake.” Seems like his opinion of Jones has become more favorable over the years and now is looking out for the troubled stars’ best interests.

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Luke Rockhold feels Jon Jones has earned his paycheck despite controversies

Luke Rockhold x Jon Jones
Rockhold wants to make one last push to regain his middleweight title

When asked about how he feels about the rumored bout between Jones and Stipe, Rockhold expressed his excitement saying, ” I think, I’m sure we’re all excited to watch Jon Jones fight again, obviously heavyweight is a different dynamic” reiteration how he’s excited to see Jones perform in uncharted waters for the former 205er

Rockhold then went on to express concern about how sure the bout is considering previous missteps Jones and the UFC have faced while booking fights. “Hopefully they can get the deal done, hopefully, they can get him to the fight,” said Rockhold detailing how Jones and the UFC have always had disputes when it comes to his purse. He continued, “They need to get the deal done, they need to pay the man. Jon has earned his place no matter all the bu***hit Jon has done he still deserves his paycheck”

“Stop fighting these guys over the paychecks and make the fights happen,” said Rockhold mentioning Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones and other top fighters should receive worthy enough paychecks. Rockhold had also earlier suggested that the UFC wronged Charles Oliveira at UFC 274 to gain Leverage over the Brazillian

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