“MMA is the most technical sport” – Michael Bisping bashed “Layman” Simon Jordan for his remarks on MMA vs Boxing debate

Michael Bisping destroys Simon Jordan's remarks on MMA vs Boxing debates by giving factual comeback.

Simon Jordan Michael Bisping
Simon Jordan Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is certainly not the person to argue about which is better, boxing or MMA. Unfortunately, it has to be the English business and sports pundit, Simon Jordan who actually got into an argument with Bisping.

While comparing boxing and MMA, Jordan claimed that he never liked UFC or MMA due to its brutality and the fan base.

When I went to watch UFC I didn’t like the audience, they behave like some sort of gladiatorial ‘kill him’ sort of mentality,” said Jordan on talkSPORT. “I didn’t like the sport. I’m always challenged about the brutality. I don’t like it, it makes me wince.”

Michael Bisping who is known for his solid responses on the mic was never going to let that pass without giving his own opinion.

Michael mentioned that he likes boxing too but considers MMA as the most technical sport in the world. Bisping explained how MMA fighters have to master all other sports in order to step into the octagon.

He said: “Allow me to retort. I’m a big boxing fan as well, I was raised on boxing, but mixed martial arts is the most technical sport on the planet, You’ve got to master so many different Olympic sports, wrestling, boxing, karate, taekwondo, and judo – these are all Olympic sports. The only thing is we do them all together.”

The former UFC champion then continued his rant and also casually roasted Jordan for being ignorant about MMA.

“And now, to the layman, which is obviously yourself who hasn’t put the time and effort into learning about the sport, when you see somebody hit the ground you think, ‘Wow, that’s very vicious because they’re following them down. What happens is, you get a concussive punch to the face, you’re down, you take one more, they stop it.”

Boxing and MMA are different and the fighters have to train and deal with different things. There is no proper way to compare both the sports however, comparing the dangers involved in both can be done.

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Michael Bisping gives factual backup to his opinion on boxing vs MMA’s brutality?

Michael Bisping x Roberto Soldic
Michael Bisping

This is one of those debates that has been around for a long time. Everybody has their own opinion on this matter however statistically it is proven that boxing does have more long-term impact on fighters’ health. Throughout its history, MMA fighters have shown fewer chances of receiving any risk of long-term health problems.

That’s exactly what Bisping had to say, the ‘Count’ also revealed how in boxing fighters are dying every year due to head injuries however, there is no such incident in MMA.

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“In your sport, which you love so much and which you say is not as brutal, many, many people continue with the standing count. They then go to the hospital afterwards and, sadly, ten to 15 fighters per year, around the world, pass away. We have yet to have anyone pass away with mixed martial arts,” said the former British champion.

Michael Bisping himself is one of the major examples of how dangerous MMA can be as he lost his right eye while fighting. Still, Bisping believes that boxing is more dangerous which surely has some volume to his words.

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